I love YouTube!

Do you watch YouTube videos ? My family makes use of this endless source of information for so many things, from educational videos for school subjects, car and home repair instructional channels, to travel info, recipes, barbecue techniques, video game stuff, race reports and previews, running vlogs and , of course, all kinds of MUSIC. Sometimes I just want to hear some music while I am doing chores, cooking, or working on a blog or other project. I love choosing a music genre and then setting it to autoplay and just listening to whatever song comes on. It’s a great way to discover songs you’ve never heard!

Yesterday I was doing something or other and I turned on YouTube looking for upbeat music. I ended up hearing some great songs and then watching some very interesting videos. Here is a partial  list of what I watched. Check them out!

This one is my new favorite! I love the sound and the video. The title means, Live Your Way. I love the beautiful people. I love the nursing mother and baby.

The colors and music in this one are awesome, too. I think I’ll have to buy some of their tunes!

You might not know this about me, but I love to dance! And the more Latin and Tropical the beat the better! When I was young and single I used to go dancing for hours . I miss the dancing, but not the smoky clubs and high priced, watered down drinks. That was many moons ago!

Hope you enjoy these. What kind of music helps you get through your day?



  1. I like piano covers of songs as well as acappella cover of songs on YouTube. Besides music on YT, I’m a sucker for cute animal videos, particularly birds or rescue animals.

  2. I love pretty much all music…mt playlists are completely bizarre and I have multiple genres. Though, in my heart I’m a rock kind of girl

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