Ai, Immortality, and The Devil

I think I understand now what Paul Kingsnorth is getting at in his article when he says he thinks there is a presence guiding the development of the “machine” and it is coming alive. “… these machines … are not just machines. That they are something else: a body. A body whose mind is in the process of developing; a body beginning to come to life…”.

That presence is Satan and the reason he is pushing AI to be developed quickly is he knows his time is short. He needs AI to be implanted in humans so he can have eternal life through existing in a transhuman being. He needs a BODY.

Think of it like this. In the garden, after they ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, God said that Adam and Eve could no longer stay in the garden “Lest they eat of the tree of life and become like us, living forever”. God was protecting them. They would have been irredeemable, permanently trapped in their spiritually dead condition, which would have greatly pleased Satan.

Those seeking to merge human bodies with computers, the transhumanists, using the technology of artificial intelligence, are seeking immortality. The goal is to download human consciousness into a chip so it will never die. This may even be possible as far as the electrical record created by thoughts of a human, but it will not include the spirit. The spirit is supernatural, not physical, and is part of God’s spirit. It cannot be contained. It merely resides in us until our bodies die. But not everyone has the spirit of God, only those who have been born again or regenerated when they repent and believe. The others, the condemned, have dead spirits. They refused to believe and be saved. They chose death.

Transhumanists and AI scientists don’t know that they are controlled by and driven by demons to make a way for Satan to have eternal life. These demons were cast out from God’s presence down to the earth. They currently exist as parasites in human bodies. (See Mark 5:12) If all the humans die, they will be homeless and they cannot go back to where God is, so they will die. They know this. But maybe, the demons think, if we can trap human souls in a computer, we can live through them. It is a doomed mission, but many will suffer before God puts a stop to it.

God is an eternal spirit and his children will also live forever. But the Devil and his angels and the condemned humans will die forever in the lake of fire.

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  1. This is new, but it’s not new. (John prophesied it in the past tense after he saw it happening.
    Revelation 13 is a pretty good description of AI – the image of the Beast that SEEMED to have had a fatal wound that was healed (verse 3) and that was “given a mouth” (verse 5) to blaspheme and war against the saints(v. 7). A second beast came performing miraculous signs (v. 13), and set up an IMAGE of the first beast (14) which he “gave breath” so it could speak (15)… Sure sounds like AI to me.
    Of course, the rest of the chapter describes the mark (microchip?) in the hand ir forehead that will be required to buy or sell .. Hmm… 🤨
    As John wrote, “This calls for wisdom.” (v 18) Unfortunately that seems to be in short supply these days… 🙁

      • Christians must stay awake. The deception will eventually be so powerful that few will know the truth. That’s why I share this information. I just learned about it myself. They’re good at hiding .

  2. No worries. Father has it all under control.
    Actually, satan IS immortal, as are all the sentient creatures Father created, angels, seraphs, cherubim, humans. What he is trying to accomplish is the same stunt that got him thrown out of Heaven: to be like God.
    “That poor devil” is literally going to live forever outside the realm of God’s love, light, joy and peace. THAT is hell, and it is a place of outer darkness with the only sensory input of hearing: weeping and gnashing of teeth of all those whose only interest is in trying to find who to blame for their condition… the same as Lucifer and his minions.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

    • I think it’s hard for some of us to understand how the punishment can be so severe, but that is because we do not fully understand the crime.

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