Would You Wear This?

Favorite sports teams, clothing brand names, college logos, bands, memes, political sayings, TV and movie logos, even food brands like Ramen noodles, you can find people proudly displaying all of these on their chests on T-shirts and hoodies. These shirts say “I support this. I like this. I agree with this.” The messages can be innocuously amusing or aggressively in your face.

Then there are shirts with Christian messages. These identify you as a Christian even more than wearing cross jewelry which has lost it’s meaning.

Now that having faith in God can attract negative attention, proclaiming your beliefs in public is not as popular. But this did not stop JP Sears from wearing a Got God? shirt and selling them. He recently proclaimed on his YouTube channel that he believes in the Christian God now. Previously he was ‘spiritual’. He has not said the name of Jesus, so there’s that, but I feel like he is on his way. I’m happy for him, but I wonder if he is ready for the loss of income that could come for joining up with Christians.

So what about you? Are you willing to risk wearing a shirt or putting a bumper sticker or sharing your faith in public? Do you think that this is required for Christians?



  1. Personally, I find most Christian t-shirts sappy and nauseating. (I won’t be specific. If you wear a Christian t-shirt, assume I’m not referring to yours.) One I do like, which I have in two colors – says, “If Christianity is boring, you’re doing it wrong.” 😉

  2. I’ve watched JP Sears for years, as his faith has kind of begun to come together. It’s a good thing. 🙂

    I’ve always been pretty low key, don’t wear any Christians teeshirts, don’t really announce my faith, all until about ten years ago. That’s when I realized I was actually being silenced. My hubby wouldn’t let me put a tiny Jesus sticker on the car, least my tires get slashed or my vehicle tampered with. At work we instituted a policy that said crosses must be worn under your sweater, least we offend someone. The elders at my church decided not to put up a “He is risen” banner on Easter. which might antagonize people. All of these things came together and I kind of just snapped. Today I have bumper stickers on my car, Christians tee shirts, “He is risen indeed “chalked on my fence in big letters, a big cross made out of solar lights in the front yard, and I paint Bible verses on rocks and plant them everywhere I go. It’s not very fancy, but we’re making the stones cry out, as gently as we can.

  3. I have an Our Lady of Guadalupe shirt, which immediately identifies me as Catholic, and a Jesus Saves shirt with a big cross on it. The latter is really old, so I don’t wear it out any longer. But I used to before it looked ratty. I don’t care either way what people wear, but I don’t mind declaring my faith on a shirt. Or by mouth. Or on my blog.

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