Financial Warfare: 2023 Banking Crisis

We all know by now that banks are ‘suddenly’ ‘failing’. These are banks that were doing business the day before and then the next day they are taken over because of accounting adjustments. Have you wondered what is happening to cause this? I will tell you. Financial warfare, also known as market manipulation.

While financial warfare is often associated with conflicts between nations, it can also occur within a country or between private entities. Within the United States, financial warfare could refer to tactics such as hostile takeovers, proxy battles, and other forms of corporate raiding aimed at gaining control of a company or disrupting its operations. Other examples could include insider trading, market manipulation, and other forms of financial fraud aimed at gaining an unfair advantage in the marketplace. While these practices may sometimes be illegal, sometimes they are hard to prove and the damage is already done.

But many people don’t even think to ask that question. By keeping the narrative focused on specific banks, and the mood focused on waiting for the next domino to fall, the media keeps the public from asking ‘Why?’ these things are happening. They simply live in fear and wait for the government to announce their rescue plans and hope they don’t lose their money and/or job in the fallout.

If you do five minutes of reading you will discover that this has happened multiple times in US history since the Federal Reserve was created. Sudden stock market and bank collapses and government rescues to ‘stabilize the economy’ are not rare. This should tell you that it is either by design or a weakness in the system, or both.

Why does it keep happening and why doesn’t somebody stop it should be your next question. The answer is that it is part of the investing game and these crashes benefit certain groups. For example, they help the government itself grow bigger and more powerful and make the public more psychologically dependent on being take care of by the government. And they make the people who were waiting and ready for the crash get much richer. “They” don’t stop it because this is how the game works!

Here is what AI said about the winners and losers of the 2008 crash, which came to be called the Global Financial Crisis, and to which everyone is comparing today’s potential crash.

The 2008 global financial crisis had significant impacts on various sectors of the economy, and while some entities and individuals faced significant losses, others managed to benefit. Market manipulation was one of the factors that contributed to the crisis. Here are some of the big winners of the 2008 financial crisis:

  1. Cash-rich investors: During the crisis, many assets such as stocks, real estate, and other securities saw their values plummet. Those with cash reserves were able to purchase these assets at a lower price, with the expectation that they would eventually rise in value again.
  2. Hedge funds and short-sellers: Hedge funds and short-sellers made significant profits from the crisis by betting against the market and shorting stocks and other assets that were likely to decline in value. This allowed them to benefit from the market downturn.
  3. Large banks that received government bailouts: While some banks were badly affected by the crisis, others received significant government bailouts, which helped them to weather the storm. These banks were able to continue operating and even acquire weaker competitors, increasing their market share.
  4. Central banks: Central banks were able to intervene in the market and provide liquidity to the financial system, which helped to prevent a complete collapse of the banking system. Their actions prevented a much more severe crisis.

Here are some specific names of entities and individuals that were big winners in the 2008 global financial crisis:

  1. Warren Buffett: Warren Buffett’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, made significant profits during the crisis by investing in companies such as Goldman Sachs and General Electric at a time when their stock prices were low.
  2. JPMorgan Chase: JPMorgan Chase was one of the banks that received government bailouts during the crisis, which helped them to weather the storm and acquire weaker competitors such as Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual.
  3. Goldman Sachs: Goldman Sachs was another bank that benefited from government bailouts, which allowed them to continue operating and take advantage of buying opportunities in the market.
  4. John Paulson: John Paulson was a hedge fund manager who made billions of dollars by betting against the housing market and other assets that were likely to decline in value.
  5. Short-sellers: Several short-sellers, including David Einhorn and James Chanos, made significant profits by betting against companies such as Lehman Brothers and Enron, which eventually collapsed.

Goldman Sachs received a bailout from the U.S. government in 2008 in the form of a $10 billion investment as part of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), which was designed to help stabilize the financial system.

Additionally, in April 2009, Goldman Sachs raised $5 billion in new capital by selling common stock to the public. This move was seen as a sign of confidence in the bank’s ability to weather the financial crisis and helped to improve investor sentiment.

It’s important to note that the government bailout and the stock sale were separate transactions. The bailout funds were used to help Goldman Sachs strengthen its balance sheet and continue operating during the crisis, while the stock sale allowed the bank to raise additional capital to support its operations.

Overall, the government bailout and stock sale helped Goldman Sachs to survive the crisis and emerge as one of the stronger banks in the aftermath of the financial crisis.- end AI comments

So as you can see, there is a lot going on when the market and banks fail. But what most regular people don’t even think about is that certain people WANT this to happen because a shakeup makes it easier for them to rush up the mountain to the top.

So how do they ‘help’ these crises along? They create conditions that cause investors to PANIC, withdraw their funds, sell their stocks and bond and other stuff, or they create conditions that force them to sell due to rules. In other words they are playing a game and they have rules and the smarter, more strategic players know how to get an advantage. The SEC apparently is too stupid or too complicit to stop these games. If you have seen the Netflix series about Bernie Madoff, you know that they are both. So the government simply comes in and cleans up the mess.

Most people aren’t interested enough to do the reading that I have done. So I will just tell you that the current version of the game started in the 1980s when electronic trading was taking over the markets. Guess who got in on the ground floor of that new electronic trading? Goldman Sachs. And guess who is the big Daddy now? Black Rock.

Summary , these bank failures are orchestrated attacks in the game of investing, not to necessarily usher in the NWO, but to make money, but the side effect is that the government will respond with new measures to make it harder to use financial warfare. And that will be central bank digital currency. I honestly think we are years away from that, but this kind of market madness will help it along.

And before I go, you should know that there are thousands of channels on YouTube that are playing this game, too. They are fueling the fear and hoping for the panic and the crash because they want to sell GOLD and Bitcoin and other products. They put out the most dire click bait titles, it’s funny. However, I think we really are at a critical moment because Wednesday is the Fed announcement on whether they will raise interest rates again. I may be editing this post later!

What should we do? As always, PRAY. Pray that those who want to crash the market will not be able to because this is not good for America or regular people at all. Pray that people will stop serving money and serve God. Pray that God will protect us from evil. Pray for the salvation of the bankers and wisdom for our leaders.



  1. I appreciate you doing the deep diving into this stuff. You have a much bigger picture grasp on this stuff that I do (or have the inclination to grapple with. Reading this post is kind of like someone giving me cliff notes for class. Thank you Paula! DM

  2. Your optimism about how long it will be before we are forced into digital currency is greater than mine. I will be surprised if we do not start rolling out “trial runs” of US CBDC (central bank digital currency) by 2024 or ’25 at the latest. It could be less than a decade before fiat money will only be traded on a black market and have significant punishments if perpetrators are caught; same for barter.
    Of course, the next step will be to take CBDCs globally for the “safety, security, and convenience” of being able to access “your” money anywhere in the world; all the while the Biggest Brother can watch everything you do.
    The last step will be globalization that will require a biological “Mark” for your “protection.”😉
    Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus! 😇
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

    • After learning about the rapid deployment of starlink , I’m leaning more towards your thoughts on this. I think setting up world wide internet is the only thing stopping them.

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