People Who Care about Words Care About People

The current attack on communication has me worried. By communication I mean using verbal and written language to send and receive ideas. If no one knows what words mean, this becomes impossible. Maybe God is doing this as a punishment upon the ungodly? Those of us watching it happen should be grateful that we are still lucid.

I watched this video last night and felt such a rapport with Lionel. We probably have little in common as far as lifestyle, she’s an accomplished author, and she says she gave up her parents religion, so I don’t know if she believes in God or not, but when she passionately expressed her anger at those who abuse words, the woke and others, I knew we shared some primal DNA.

Words matter , dammit! Don’t get me wrong, I love satire and memes and clever phrases. Even though not everyone will ‘get’ it, they can ask someone else what it means. Not so with woke speech. No one can define it! And that is the goal. I’m talking about those who want to make words meaningless by using one word to mean multiple unrelated things just to confuse people. This is critical theory.

When I see this done, I react the same way Shriver does. I get pissed.

Being able to communicate with other people is critical to survival. Corrupting language also corrupts people’s thoughts so that they can no longer even make sense of their own actions and desires and relationships. This is criminal!

George Orwell, and probably others, tried to warn us in his book 1984. He demonstrated the use of calling good , evil, and evil, good. “War is peace”, he wrote. He described thought crime and double speak and the ministry of “truth”.

We are living this now when our government can’t even make a single honest statement about what’s happening in our economy, our culture, or about their goals. For example, they lie with labor and inflation statistics to keep the markets from crashing. They downplay the rising trade deficit and national debt and suicide rate of young people. They ignore post-vaccine illnesses and sudden deaths. They pretend they are in control of the sinking ship.

But even worse is electing mentally unstable people and crooks to powerful positions. The whole world pities us! But they march on with their lies and propaganda of language distortion.

What is the cure for this disease? Speak the truth, refuse to believe lies, and do not use ambiguous language!

*Also posted on Substack.


  1. I’m in total agreement with you. Also there are so many words that are being banned on college campuses and throughout our nation. Like brown bag lunches and master bedrooms. It’s ridiculous.

  2. 100%! Correct! A world and word without boundries. Many years ago, I was subjected to “meaningless” word theory that created confusion. Its disgusting and insulting to the intellectual.

    Confusion, one of the greatest war weapons in the universe.

    Thank you for trying to explain this complicated subject.

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