The Woke Need Tough Love

Before we proceed we must attempt to define woke, or at least give the definition I am using here. For this post I am using woke to mean a group of people who have been deluded into believing that logic and reality and biology and natural law and God no longer matter, so I am using the definition of the gender-confused, the constantly offended, radical feminists, etc.

Other people define wokeness as fighting actual discrimination, oppression and injustice. I am not talking about that definition. You don’t have to be “woke” to want people to have equal rights under the law.

They have been taught that the only thing that matters is feelings. This is a very serious regression of adult society, an interruption of the maturation of millions of young people, and an apostasy of the church.

Rejecting the aforementioned realities has led to the acceptance of a new set of false realities, a deconstruction and a reconstruction.

Only by tough love, by which I mean refusing to go along and actually calling out this descent into madness , can we save our children and family and friends and strangers. We should do it with love, but if they refuse to listen, parents must set limits on behavior. If parents don’t do it, who will?

What are we saving them from? SLAVERY. Yes, they cannot see that they are being led by their illogical emotions straight into a trap where freedom does not exist.

Animal Farm

Here is an example of the future if the woke/ESG/DEI agenda is allowed to dominate. Think about George Orwell’s movie/book “Animal Farm”, which everyone should read.

The animals on the farm overthrow their human owner, Mr. Jones, who they think is not treating them fairly, and establish a socialist community where all animals are equal.

Initially, the new community, led by the pigs, seems to be successful, but gradually the pigs become more and more like the humans they overthrew. They establish a hierarchy, use propaganda to control the other animals, and eventually become oppressive rulers.

The story explores themes such as the corruption of power, the danger of propaganda, and the failure of socialist ideals when put into practice. The novel ends with the pigs becoming indistinguishable from the humans they originally overthrew, emphasizing the idea that power corrupts, no matter who holds it.

The woke agenda is led by very powerful people. These people use the facade of compassion to hide their hate for everyone and everything that stands in their way of creating a hive mind.

And they plan to use every means at their disposal to get compliance . What are those means? Banks and jobs. Yes, the ESG and DEI are the tools of slavery. These tools will eliminate dissent and force people to choose between their jobs, education, and even banking. But it’s not too late to stop the woke college students and professors and HR departments and asset managers who are now controlling the rest of the country.

The most important step you can take is to pull your money out of any mutual fund that enforces woke criteria for their clients. Especially Black Rock.

If people really understood the ultimate goals of ESG and DEI, which is consolidation of control over everything under the guise of public private partnership (like China has) , which is the opposite of so-called democracy, they would not be supporting this agenda that began back in 2004 with George W. Bush, a fake Republican globalist .

Note that being anti-woke does not mean you don’t care about people, the environment, fairness, etc. It means that you DO care. I support your right to live how you want to live and not be discriminated against and to be protected by the current laws. And I expect the same. I have freedom and so do you.

Even though I disagree with the LGBT lifestyle, I do not think they should be arrested or terrorized. I don’t care what you do in your bedroom or club or whatever. I don’t even care about gay marriage.

However, I am against drag queen shows for children and same-sex couple adoption. I am also against letting anyone under age 25 get a sex change. I hold these views to PROTECT children from harm. It is about speaking truth to gender confused children. It is about protecting children from inappropriate sexual information. And there need to be much stricter laws about children using social media!

I started researching the definition of woke after I wrote all of the above and I found this great video about the difficulties of getting published today due to the woke mob. I encourage everyone to watch it.

Note: I published this last night, but WordPress did something weird and I had to republish it. This happens to me a lot.



  1. Have you ever read “Red Scarf Girl?” It’s a mid grade autobiography of a young girl during the Cultural Revolution in China. People were divided, families were divided. The Youth followed Mao. It reminds so much off what is going on in our country now.

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