My New Mom Cave

Since my son bought a house I have claimed his old room for myself. After having a houseful of kids for most of life, my house now feels kinda strange and too big. I’m always glad when they come visit. And I still have Grace and Eli here.

So here is my new mom cave . I love it! Sometimes John comes to hang out with me in here, but when he’s not outside working, his domain is the living room. It’s not completely done , but I wanted to share.

What’s that black stuff on the walls, you ask ? Sound proofing foam for when I record my podcast. It doesn’t work very well , haha! I can still hear Chico barking.

Most of the furniture was left behind by my son. My mom gave me the desk. Then I decorated mostly with items I already had. I bought the big bed pillows, and the couch pillows, and a lamp at Goodwill. My mom donated the Thomas Kinkade wall hanging.

I bought some cheap, but pretty, rugs, a very uncomfortable desk chair, and an extra computer monitor at Walmart. I can see my screen much better now. John created the pink squirrel, my blog icon, out of a piece of black foam. I also redecorated the adjacent bathroom with flowers and candles.

Do you have your own space ? What’s it like?

I love looking out my window, but it didn’t work well for the photo.
I’m still working on this mess. It’s my office stuff.


  1. Awesome, Paula! How great to have your own space – a luxury for a mom. 😉 Let the creativity flow!
    I remember my songwriting days, when I had my own room. It had a bright red carpet, white walls, a black couch with red pillows, and red, white, and black decor – piano keyboards, musical notes, and roses. Along with my journals, my guitar, and coffee center. Sadly, I probably ended up spending more time fixing up the room than actually writing and recording songs! (*eye roll*)

  2. I love your room. It looks happy and cozy. I have the shed out back. I cleaned it out, painted the floor, and left just a few pieces of furniture. The flaw is that it has no insulation and is literally the same temp as the outdoors. Cold in winter. Not as bad in summer because it’s under shade trees.

  3. I think your Mom Cave looks perfect. It’s so nice to have your own space. My husband works from home and he’s so loud on the phone all day. I’ve retreated to our casita and that’s my space. We bought it furnished from the previous owners, but I’ve put my favorite artwork from our old house in it including a painting of a sunflower my daughter made in high school.

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