The Useful Idiots in the Climate Cult Discuss Turning off the Heat and Oven Due To High Electricity Prices in Sweden

This video just has me shaking my head. They truly believe in the “righteousness” of the plan to de-energize the world and go back to the pre-industrial age. The death and suffering that will be caused by the shutting down of power plants doesn’t bother them! The great reset is worth it in their belief system.

However, they don’t seem to realize that revolutions happen when people are hungry and cold. And thankfully, we have the second amendment in this country. This winter in Europe is going to be interesting. All economic data points to world chaos beginning in the next year due to net zero policies, but I’m starting to see some people waking up and saying “Woah!, we aren’t ready to turn off the power yet!”. I pray that the wise and righteous will prevail.


  1. What, no windmills in Sweden? We’ve all been played for so long…at least for 60-70 years in this country. Keep your family and friends close. And God closer.

    • There are two camps: one days let’s find uses for carbon (including eating it) and one says we must stop growth . The first one also wants to tax carbon and sell carbon credits . There’s actually a third group that you rarely hear about that acknowledges that we will continue to need oil and gas products forever. There’s the climate cult ( Greta types) and there’s the “let’s get government funding for our green business” idea group . Meanwhile, citizens get robbed and people suffer . We need honest and wise leadership to do what’s right and say no to government funding for private green companies. It’s a scam .

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