The Radical Right and Left Share A Common Problem

What do they have in common? Immaturity. Immaturity and radical behavior is expressed in different slogans and causes in the right and left, but radicals of all types are emotionally immature adults who expect the rest of the world to do what they want. Selfishness and lack of patience and empathy and self-discipline demand that others give up their rights for the radical’s self-determined righteousness. People like this naturally gravitate to charismatic loud-mouths who promise to give them satisfaction without personal effort or cost. In reality, radicals currently make up the minority of both right and left parties, but they are the most visible in media because of their shock value. However, the scale could easily tip one way or the other with the right crisis and media response. Radicals can quickly become dangerous when given a platform. The next thing you know, another Marx or Hitler is in office. We must not let media tip the scales.

The terms far left or far right should be changed to reflect a more accurate picture of who these people are. They are usually identity-based, discontents, or misguided idealists trying to save the world in one day, along with a small number of mentally ill individuals. There is no moderation or cooperation or logic, only emotion and often violent urges. Radicals have no place in high government offices. We need to elect need mature, law-abiding, virtuous leaders that can use their knowledge of human nature, history, economics, and science to make fair and logical policies.

I wish I’d had more room in the middle of my diagram to write more commonalities, but you get the idea.

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