The Climate Connection to “Extremism” Around the World

“Reichsburger Right-wing extremists” Planning Coup Arrested in Germany

The news is happening so fast that it’s hard to keep up with it all and also manage to put up my Christmas tree and clean my house, but I am trying!

Note that I am not condoning violence or racism of any kind, and I believe the proper method of replacing governments is by using elections. I am simply trying to make sense of current events.

In case you’ve been busy celebrating the Christmas season, you may have missed that 25 people were arrested in Germany for planning to overthrow the entire government and replace it with a monarchy. These people are part of a group called the Reichsburger movement that does not recognize the legitimacy of the current German government. They believe that since WW2, the government “the modern Federal Republic of Germany is “an administrative construct still occupied by the Allied powers”.[9]” and they have various plans to create their own government. There is an anti-semitic component as well, although this doesn’t seem to be their main agenda, and not everyone is anti-semitic. Members of various armed forces are included in their numbers, giving them access to weapons and converts.

The revolutionary sentiment seems to be growing. There have also been coups and protests in many other countries. Peru’s President Pedro Castillo was recently detained after he attempted to abolish the government and declared an emergency government would be put into place. His Congress voted to impeach him immediately.

Now all hell is breaking loose in Peru. Dina Boluarte was sworn in as the new president, but Castillo supporters are protesting and now Boluarte is eager for a new election. Supposedly the public was glad that Castillos’ coup was prevented, but there is not much agreement on who should be in charge.

I have to confess that I have been so busy following the many other stories such as inflation and the risk of economic collapse caused by the climate agenda that I was not aware there was so much global unrest. Oh wait, could there a connection? Could the worldwide economic crisis being created by the forced ‘net-zero’ movement be causing these reactionary movements? Hmm, I think you may be right!

When people don’t have, or think they won’t have, food and electricity and jobs, they start to get worried and they look for someone to help them. Enter the ‘extremists’ who say they will get rid of the problem by replacing the current leaders. I put extremists in quotes because the media is the mouth piece of the government in power, so of course they will try to ostracize anyone who wants to remove them. And since we are currently having a worldwide culture war, the media is very biased against conservative viewpoints regarding culture and economics.

Before I even read any articles about the group planning the German coup, I knew that Trump would be blamed for everything and these Reichsburger people would be compared to ‘American insurrectionists’. I did a quick search on Facebook and found plenty of fake accounts saying exactly that.

I don’t know if the majority of these Reichsburger people are racists (or outright Nazis) or if they simply want a better government than the one they currently have and believe that a coup is their only option. I do know that revolutions are not usually started during times of peace, prosperity and honest rule. Germany has been in trouble for a long time because of the inept leadership of Angela Merkel.

Here is my summary of what’s behind the rise of the so-called far-right. The plan to eliminate oil and disconnect it from the dollar was set in place a long time ago. The explanation given was that the planet cannot support endless growth. But my theory is that oil was making middle-eastern and other oil-rich, developing nations more prosperous and more populated and the current power was at risk, especially since rich countries birth rates were dropping. The banks and policymakers who control world trade knew that things would have to change if they were to stay on top.

They needed a reason for this very disruptive ‘energy transition’ plan, so they created human-made ‘global warming’, later renamed the climate crisis, and began ‘educating’ the world on the dangers of first ‘fossil fuels’ and later ‘carbon’. (Sorry for so many quote marks, but I don’t want to imply that I support these terms.)

What we are seeing now, recession, fear, inflation, coups, is all a result of the energy transition, but they will blame it on everything but that. And this chaos works well for them because they can then institute stricter control over the internet in the name of ‘safety’. However, the UN and it’s buddies are getting strong pushback from the people whose livelihoods are being affected by this plan. But that is just ‘conspiracy’ talk, right? All I know is that the worse the economic headlines, the more you hear about extremists.

The fear of a recession is growing in America, too. Biden better get his ducks in a row, or our country might be the next one making headlines.


  1. One man’s patriot is another’s insurrectionist. Think of what would have happened to Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson had England won the Revolutionary War. How quickly they would have been hauled to England, tried for treason against the Crown and hanged.
    But we are of a different citizenship if Heaven is our Home. And the world powers, whether Republican or Democrat, Reichsburger or conservative, we who claim another Better Country will be targeted as evil, because we will not tow the party line.
    We must correct and inform, but with gentility and meekness (Note: NOT weakness) and try to win as many new Citizens for our Master.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

    • C. A. , do you feel that these news stories are being used to turn people against those of use who speak truth ? Not political stuff, but real truth . It feels to me like they’re setting the stage for much more internet control .

    • From what I can tell , most of the people were arrested for being associated with the group . They hadn’t actually done anything yet. So, you know, dissenters.

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