Clowns and Elephants

You’ve probably heard the story of the circus elephant who is tied to a small stake when he is a baby and that same stake keeps him in place when he’s 10 times bigger and stronger because he believes that he’s unable to get away.

The same thing has happened to citizens of America. When this country was founded and the constitution was written , people were adventurous, independent, self-guided, risk-takers, and also knew the value of community. They helped each other to survive and to build a country in a wilderness.

Then those people built institutions, and the demands of industrialization , banks, public schools, cities, progressivism and big government tied them to a stake . From birth we are assigned a number and controlled by taxes and regulations that we have no real voice in developing.

Civilized society requires rules. But when the rules are made based upon what’s best for business, rather than what’s right, the whole thing is on shaky ground.

My point is that people came to America for freedom to work, live, and worship according to their own beliefs,and that freedom is under attack because we are tied to a stake of regulations created by bureaucrats and politicians. Wokism and greed are a double threat to freedom. This is not “government by the people, for the people”, it’s a circus run by clowns.


    • Sounds like a good one. I was watching a video of this guy who said he was a card-carrying atheist, and the things he said made me think, this guy is searching so hard for God. He seemed so earnest in his beliefs, but looking to humanism for what he was seeking. His name is Tomas Bjorkman. He kept talking about ‘reality’ and what he meant was natural law.

  1. I agree. I’ve said for years you can’t trust the government because it’s the biggest organized crime family. They don’t care about the people only power. People need to open their eyes to what’s REALLY going on. Otherwise, many will be doomed. They’re making laws against Christians daily and many would be surprised by what they find if they did a little digging.

    But great post and I hope more people open their eyes.

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