Mechanic’s Wife: A Photo Story

What’s different about being married to a mechanic? My husband has an engine for a heart, a transmission for a brain, and gasoline in his veins. His hands are permanently scarred and calloused and his fingernails are rarely without at least a little grease underneath.

His mind never stops thinking about the multiple projects he’s working on, and he’s usually dreaming about more projects. This means that projects usually come first in his priority list.

He can’t help it. He’s a gear head. Working on machines and fabricating parts and tools makes him happy . Two of my sons inherited the mechanic gene so these three are always scheming and buying new junk to fix.

If I wasn’t an understanding wife, I might think he loves his work more than me. But he’s pretty good at making sure I stick around by keeping me driving old vehicles that need frequent repairs! And I admit he looks pretty cute when he’s installing my car stereo or fixing my air conditioner.

I think I’ll keep him. 🥰

In honor and recognition of our mechanic lifestyle, here are a few photos .

Question: How does your spouse’s work affect your life and relationship ?

We always have artistic displays in our yard.
He collects antiques.
No shortage of tools in our family!
His sticker game is on point .
Actually my son’s boots.
We believe in recycling everything including our swing set .


  1. Now that my engineer husband is “retired,” he has been spending many, many hours helping our daughter, who keeps buying properties and remodeling them for renting, “flipping” or turning into Airbnbs. His days are spent doing drywall, molding, tiling, flooring …
    We were watching the movie “The Help” at home, and the scene came up where it was raining outside, and the employer’s mother told the maid she didn’t have to go outside to the “help’s” outhouse, she should just use her employer’s bathroom. The climax of the scene, and a great moment for civil rights takes place as the maid is in the bathroom, and the employer is beating on the door, demanding she come out immediately or she’s fired! I was absorbed in the drama, and Marty was looking very thoughtful. Finally, he commented, “I really like the tile in that bathroom…”

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