PSA : Don’t Believe Most Investment Advice on Investing Websites or YouTube

Fake news!

I almost titled this “Don’t believe anything you read on the internet”, but there is some truth out there , including this article. You just have to be extremely skeptical when it comes to information about politics, science, healthcare, celebrities, and the stock market.

When Trump said Fake news!, he was usually right. We really shouldn’t believe most anything on the internet, especially websites that make their money off political and economic drama. That includes websites that claim to have ‘shocking’ information about terrible things happening soon.

Have you heard of the fake September 24 story? C’mon people! You have to read more than the headline. And be extremely picky which websites you frequent. The ‘Blaze’ is worse than the National Enquirer!

My last article about the petition to shut down Simufilam drug trials got me interested in stock market manipulation so I did more reading.

I discovered that using websites and social media to put out negative information about a company and create panic which causes a temporary or long-term price drop is very common.

The SEC knows and the investing community knows, but evidently many people still fall for it. Here’s an article from 2015 from the SEC website telling you to beware of fake news. This article on a hedge fund journal website seems to be warning people who might be putting out the fake news to be careful because the SEC is watching.

The somewhat unsurprising thing is that the government rarely prosecutes these people. The ‘odds’ are good for people who do this that they will not get caught or prosecuted.

If you want to know more, here’s a good video. The video is not fancy, but what he describes was exactly what I had discovered while researching the Cassava article. I found the subject quite fascinating.

Anyway, don’t let the criminals rip you off because you were being hasty, or greedy. 😉



  1. I agree even I had had experience with fake investment experts like Attilio Perna. They provided me ponzi investment schemes and took my momney. In return I lost my amount.

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