Fire update: Life Goes On Without A Stove

We aren’t going hungry ! Turns out that you can get by pretty well with just a microwave, Weber grill, toaster oven, electric skillet, and Instapot.

So far I’ve cooked sausage on the grill and in the microwave; chicken and rice in the instapot, tacos in the skillet, eggs in the skillet, burgers on the grill, and lots of toast. So much for getting a break from cooking! 🤣

Funny story. The day of the fire my mom received a toaster oven that she had ordered. The next day ANOTHER one arrived! She gave it to us. I also bought a new knife set ,but they are terrible. Don’t buy this set. It says “never needs sharpening”. 🙄
Got this cheap skillet at the grocery store. It works but the temperature fluctuates a lot. Do not leave unattended!

My mom had this handy cart she wasn’t using so I put it where the stove goes. As you can see, we removed the cabinet doors. My husband was able to clean off some of the soot. We are just waiting on the insurance check to proceed with further repairs.

I bought more smoke detectors and a new fire extinguisher. Please be sure yours work. Beware sleeping with headphones that drown out all noises.

Dual sensor is important!

God has been so good to provide for our needs. Thank you for all of your prayers. I know that God hears them. Also I’ve been doing physical therapy for my shoulder injury and seeing a little progress. Trials and troubles come and go, but God’s love never changes.


  1. Anita and I check our smoke detectors annually, even if we do not hear a “chime” that indicates the batteries need changing. A good idea is to mark a calendar or put an alarm in one’s phone or computer to check them. My annual alarm goes off on my phone every September on my birthday, so I give myself a “gift” of new batteries. 🤠
    ❤️& continued 🙏, c.a.

  2. It’s amazing what you can make without a stove, lol. A couple of years ago, we were reduced to using just the crockpot. It was interesting, but we made it through! Praying you get a good settlement and are able to get all of your repairs, plus, covered. Thank God for the “extra” toaster oven!! He continually cares for and provides for us. God Bless and praying for you and yours!

  3. Wow, I’m so glad you’re Ok, Paula! (Good enough to cook, anyway. 😏) Thanks for the advice, especially about sleeping with headphones – I wonder how many people do that these days? Hopefully anyone reading this won’t now. You may have saved some lives today!

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