Three Deer Cause Kitchen Fire

The title is an attempt to lighten my heart . I’ll add a photo of the murderous deer later .

Last night we had a grease fire that could have been tragic, but thanks to my son no one was hurt . He’s truly a hero . Thanks to God for His mercy and protection!

I left a pan of oil heating on the stove to cook some chicken nuggets. Then I saw three deer out the kitchen window and went to take a picture and forgot all about about the pan.

I was outside taking pictures with my good camera and my husband was in bed. My son was in his room by the kitchen when the smoke alarms went off ( please be sure yours work! ). He saw flames shooting to the ceiling . He grabbed the fire extinguisher (get one!) put out the fire and got my daughter out of the smoke. Then he went back in and yelled for my husband to get out of the house. She was in the kitchen near the stove. Then he made sure my husband got out. He was able to go out the front door .

I was walking back from the barn when I saw my son coming out the back door with my daughter’s wheelchair. I instantly knew what happened. I tried to go in for my husband , but the house was pitch black with choking smoke! Thankfully he had woken up and opened the door and saw smoke and went out the front door.

I’m not a crier, but I broke down after I thought of what could have happened to my family . My son let me bawl while I hugged him. I’m so proud of him.

We spent the night at my mom’s house across the pasture. The house smells pretty smoky and like burnt plastic . Everyone seems okay. My son is coughing a little.

There is a huge mess, but I don’t care. Today I will clean it up and continuously praise God that no one was hurt.

I’m still an exhausted and emotional wreck . Waiting for the insurance adjuster to call . Thanks for the prayers that this will be covered and we can get it fixed quickly. Currently there’s no electricity in the kitchen or my bedroom because of the burned wiring.

And thanks to my friends who prayed for me last night when I texted you . Your support means so much!


  1. WoW!! Wish I was in TX to do some work for you to repair the damage! But my prayers will still be with you and your family! And it is so great to have a son who is heroic!
    PLUS, good for you with working smoke detectors. We just replace ours last month.
    AND for having a working fire extinguisher. We need to replace ours; I’ll do that today.
    THANX for the encouragement from your misfortune.
    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.

  2. Dear God, thank you for taking care of Paula and her family. It is so easy to get distracted nowadays. We need you to watch over us at all times Lord. Amen.

  3. Praying all works out well and thankful y’all are safe. You have definitely raised a top-notch kid! Not the ideal way to end up doing a kitchen remodel…

  4. I didn’t want to remodel! Whiiine! I shouldn’t be surprised that my son responded like that, but seeing him do it kinda blew me away. He has really matured in the past year since turning 18 and getting a full-time job. My second oldest has been like a mentor to him. The good news is the air conditioner still works. I can handle most anything but not August in Texas without a/c! That happened a few years ago. We went and bought three window units until they could fix the a/c.

  5. Oh, Paula! Thanking God with you for His protection. You are not alone. I once left oil heating for popcorn to help my kids (when they were all little) start a Christmas video. Came back to flames which I mercifully was able to quench by throwing the lid on the pot and then moving it off the heat. Your story brought back the shivers and the heart full of thankfulness. Hope the insurance process isn’t too awful, as I know it can be.

    • God had it under control , but it definitely was scary. Then after everyone was safe all I could think about was what could have happened. But now I’m focusing on what actually happened. God protected my family. It could’ve been different, but it wasn’t . Thank you Lord!

  6. Do you remember when Amy Grant was popular? She sang a song called “Angels Watching Over Me.” I believe that. Thank God everyone is all right.

  7. So glad you are all ok! I’m sorry that happened and I can imagine your fear. But so very thankful that God was and continues to watch over all of you. Praying for you and your family and your insurance claim!! I pray it goes through quickly, efficiently, and you are able to get EVERYTHING that needs to be taken care of done. Thank God for working a/c! God Bless and, again, so very glad you are all ok!!

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