You Are Going to Get Covid

Not so fast!

Face the facts and Prepare Yourself

The facts are these. Despite the claims that were made that the vaccine and boosters would protect you, which were later changed to ‘prevent serious illness’, most of us WILL GET COVID at some point. When your immune system is a little low because you’re busy or drinking at a party or old or menopausal or young or whatever. For whatever reason, if you come in contact with a sick person and your immune system is briefly weakened, the ‘vid is gonna getcha! If you’re lucky, you may just feel like you are experiencing allergy symptoms or a ‘cold’. If you’re not lucky, you will start looking for someone to blame for your fever and cough.

Just a little trip back in time

The important thing is not to live in fear.

Fear weakens your immune system and steals your joy. The mutated virus, which mutated because of the vaccines, is much weaker and much more contagious. You can do all you can to stay in prime health, but don’t isolate yourself and miss out on living.

Go to the parties, go to work in the office, go to church. Wash your hands and avoid people who look sick. But don’t be overly concerned or anxious.

I have seen people of all ages, vaccine statuses, and health statuses get sick with Covid this year and they felt pretty bad, but they did not die.

Eat healthy, exercise, get your sunshine, take your vitamins. And live your life. We are all going to die someday, Covid or no Covid. If you want a vaccine, you might consider the non-mRna Novavax vaccine that should be available soon.

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones. Proverbs 17:22

Get your Covid tests here, if you so choose, but don’t feel compelled to test just because you get sick. It doesn’t change anything.

The only thing to be concerned about is whether we will see another spike in deaths this Fall, but hopefully the virus will continue to weaken.


  1. Unless I got a severe case I would likely never know I had it because my body aches all the time, my nose runs when I bend over or eat hot or cold foods from allergies and things they did to my nose with a hot poker in the 60’s trying to stop nose bleeds that stopped on their own at 11 or 12 years old anyway, and I cough all the time because I take beta blockers and that is just how they roll.
    I am not afraid because I know where I am going when I do die so no need to worry. I could have already had it and didn’t know. As I told my man we get our groceries delivered not because it is safer because they are handled by human hands from the time they are slaughtered/harvested until they are put down outside our front door. I get medication several times a month that have been handled by humans from the time of manufacturing to the Pharmacist to me.
    I don’t go out much, but that has more to do with my legs, knees, feet, back. I sound like Lever 2000 commercial you know head and shoulders, knees, and toes. You are right worry only weakens the immune system and besides I like to laugh way too much for that mess.
    My daughter kind of got upset at first when I said I wouldn’t get the vaxx and then she got it and was down for a month with COVID and so hasn’t bothered me about it since. I told her and my son when it is my time to nothing and no one will stop it so just chill and let me live.

      • Sometimes I just feel like a stubborn old goat. I saw a new pain doctor today and I am certain that is what he would call me. He kept trying to suggest a treatment I have had in the past that the side effects are not worth what little benefit they might have. I told him no like five times fairly nice the last no was not so nice. I spent 5 years under a pain doctor that forced treatments on me I did not want like opioids and corticosteroids the first made me want to die and the second would turn me red and feel like I was burning up worse than menopause, raised my blood sugar way to high, and made it where I could not sleep for days. It is not worth all that for a week or two of less pain and I barely sleep as it is.

  2. One of my sisters refused vaccination; the other had the Pfizer “gene therapy” (Note: NOT really a vaccine!) and both got Covid about a day apart.
    Do NOT get boosters of an mRNA “vaccine” as they are not real vaccines. The liver transforms mRNA into DNA and there is NO ongoing investigation into long term effects to the genome, beyond when people see their doctors for unexpected health crises. So sad.
    I could not bring myself to listen to most of the Fauci video, but I saw his mouth was moving so I knew he was still lying.

  3. 😅😅so far except for the last born who got it at college, my husband and I and first born have not had it (yet). But since it is actually at home now because of some visiting family members, it suspect it may be a matter of time

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