Busy Day: Sharing Unherd Instead of Writing

Today I must visit the overlords at the Regional DMV. Please pray for good favor. The all-powerful state minions behind the glass control who drives a ‘legal’ vehicle and who doesn’t, so I must spend 6 gallons of gas (gas is money now) to submit papers for a bonded title that there is no reason could not be handled through email, Fax, or upload. Even Medicaid has figured out how to accept uploaded documents. Get it together Texas!!!

UPDATE: Success! After missing my exit, getting in a traffic jam, GPS not working, going to the wrong location, having trouble finding a parking place, I made it to my appointment with three minutes to spare! Thank you, Lord! Quite an adrenaline rush. I literally had chest pain by the time it was over.

So instead of an article, today I will share one from my favorite website, Unherd.com. This article is somewhat related to the fact that I have to register a vehicle at all. Show me in the constitution where the founding fathers gave the government the power to license vehicles. I’m sure someone will say that this is ‘necessary’ to prevent theft. Actually, like the driver’s license, auto registration is a means to control who drives which helps limit competition for jobs. My theory is that the state’s main job is reducing competition for good-paying jobs and businesses. This started with the guilds and continues today with licenses and regulatory agencies. In this article we see how the regulatory state is all powerful and has morphed into an even scarier state of emergency.

If this title doesn’t grab you, visit them and select one of the other very interesting stories or videos. I think you’ll be pleased.


Throughout history, there have been crises that could be resolved only by suspending the normal rule of law and constitutional principles. A “state of exception” is declared until the emergency passes — it could be a foreign invasion, an earthquake or a plague. During this period, the legislative function is typically relocated from a parliamentary body to the executive, suspending the basic charter of government, and in particular the separation of powers.

The Italian political theorist Giorgio Agamben points out that, in fact, the “state of exception” has almost become the rule rather than the exception in the Western liberal democracies over the last century. The language of war is invoked to pursue ordinary domestic politics. Over the past 60 years in the United States, we have had the war on poverty, the war on drugs, the war on terror, the war on Covid, the war on disinformation, and the war on domestic extremism.


One comment

  1. “Ordinary people are too small minded to govern their own affairs; ‘order and progress’ will come only when
    individuals surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign.” Barack Obama
    ‘Nuff said.

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