My book is growing !

I’ve been typing, deleting, cutting and pasting like crazy and my book is growing and improving ! I’ve rearranged and added sections and discovered that I had a lot to say. The book is going to be the story of my daughter Grace’s life with lissencephaly my personal journey as her mother and the realities of managing stress and real life in the special needs world. I’m pretty excited about finishing soon and publishing . I’d love to get some advice from my blogging friends who have published books. Please share in the comments or email me at . Thank you !

Grace enjoying the cackling hens.


  1. My biggest challenge was staying focused, with a family, job, church activities, etc. (As my mother used to say, it’s not the interruptions, it’s the interruptions to the interruptions!) I had days when I was hit with a burst of inspiration, and I just wrote and wrote and ignored everything else. When I finally came out of the study, the house was a wreck, but it was 8 hours well spent. I see you’re still feeding the chickens, though. That’s good. 😉

  2. Never had the discipline to write a book, but looking forward to your and Grace’s story. Don’t forget John’s part!. 😉
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

    • He can write his own book. 😉 I’ve tried asking him about his experiences and feelings, but I don’t want to misrepresent him. This is really my story as a mom.

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