Time to Wake Up the Sleeping Oil Gods!


If we make some loud noise, maybe the oil gods will wake up and start drilling again ! Maybe we need to sacrifice a politician to them!

Bad jokes aside, we are about to enter a serious economic crisis and our government is literally doing all they can to bring it on. Now would be a good time to discuss politics with your friends and family, enlighten them on how supply and demand works, and then call and/or send an email to every congressman, governor and ‘president’. Let them know you want oil prices to come down and that you know that they are to blame for the low oil supply. Tell them that we are going too fast on the climate agenda and that you will vote them out if they don’t do something fast.

You may copy and paste the following.

Dear Public Servant,
I am very concerned about the price of gas and groceries. Please do something immediately to get oil companies drilling again. I will vote accordingly in the mid-terms.
A tax-paying voter





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