The Tale of the Great Chick Escape

Wild times on the Adams farm!

Our feisty homegrown baby chick is very energetic and determined to hang out with the older crowd of mature hens and teenagers . After she hatched, she jumped out of the laying box and ran out into the fenced in yard before we even knew she existed. My husband spotted her running around like Speedy Gonzales.

This chick is not afraid and she’s smart. When the teenage chickens try to peck at her she runs and hides in little spaces around the yard such as where the bottom of the chicken wire pooches out and up under the metal side of the barn.

Brand new

But I was afraid she’d get killed so I put her in our baby chick cage by herself to keep her safe until she gets bigger. She protested constantly and escaped twice! I had to cover the top of the cage to keep her from jumping out.

Yesterday my husband heard her peeping and felt sorry for her and put her into the yard again. She was happily running around and hiding. Then she disappeared. The last time I saw her she was up under the barn wall .

They look sweet , but I don’t trust em !

I kept looking for Speedy all day, but I didn’t see her. Finally I went to bed. I looked again the morning. Eventually we decided she must have escaped the yard and became a cat treat. I was very sad.

Then later when I was walking past the yard , I saw a yellow flash ! She was back in the yard! The big chickens were still pecking at her so my husband went in and rescued her and put her back into the chick cage. Speedy is safe again and I’m happy .

Getting bigger!


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