Snakes, Chickens, Turtles, and Plants

Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed with how blessed I am. Here are a few photos I’ve taken recently of God’s creation around our property. And, if it will load , I’ll add a video of a copperhead snake that surprised me. Watch closely!

In my neighbors yard
On the trail
The chicks learned quickly how to use the hanging feeder once John put the brick under it for them.
Our garden is growing fast and the grass is so green!
A couple weeks back
I just love looking at all this green and especially that tree.
Our roses bloomed for Easter
A Sunday drive yielded a surprise!


  1. Just WOW on the garden growth. We’re just thinking about putting potatoes in the ground here (Iowa) I do see some asparagus starting to pop, and the grass is starting to awaken, but you guys are weeks ahead of us. I love to watch as the plants and trees awaken from their winter slumber.

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