The Concept of Identity

Why is your identity such a big deal? Identity can be defined as our own beliefs about ‘who we are’, both in relation to other people and simply as a ‘being’ with existence and value.

Our identity includes our appraisal of our self-worth, our beliefs about our origin, our family connections, and our place in the class system, our religious beliefs, and intelligence, as well as the more obvious external traits such as race, physical attractiveness, and skills and personal tastes.

For example, my identity includes: child of God (Christian), human, created by God, wife to John, mother to my six children, caregiver, daughter, sister, friend, church member, resident of my particular area, county, state, and country, runner, former ultrarunner, college graduate, person who loves trees, the sky, birds, my pets, chickens, country living, person who loves to read dystopian novels, person who enjoys writing this blog, amateur podcaster, music lover, barbecue lover, etc etc etc.

But the most important part of my identity is the first item on the list. Knowing that I am a child of God, due to my salvation in Christ, gives me great peace, confidence, and joy! All the other things are great, but they cannot fill the need I have for God. Knowing God gives me hope for my eternal future, as well as peace that God is with me in this world.

But in our post-Christian world, many people have never found their true identity in Christ and are identifying with externalities that are separate from their creator which are often temporary, and not truly fulfilling.

This loss of identification with God has resulted in dysfunctional beliefs such as transhumanism, transgenderism, radical feminism, critical race theory, anti-male beliefs, statism, scientism, and political extremism. Secular humanism, instead of creating utopia, has created increasing wealth inequality, mental health problems, societal division, and cancel culture.

We could even say that the Russian attack on Ukraine is proof that one hundred years of Secular Progressivism is a massive failure since it all it took was one man to threaten all of the progress made since the global powers decided to ‘end all wars’.

As Humanists we believe that human beings can give meaning to their own lives without appeal to gods or the supernatural, and we work for the development of a more humane society based on reason and compassion.

Putin is not the cause of the failure of secular humanism, he is merely a victim in the grand scheme of the devil to separate humans from their life source, the God who created them.

If we want to blame humans for this, we can start with evolutionists and the politicians that integrated evolutionary thinking into the collective consciousness. By eliminating our creator as the foundation of our SELF, and making our human existence the random result of chaos and chance, these atheists have created a worldwide identity crisis.

These evolutionists, by rejecting God and embracing science as their new religion, have nearly destroyed civilization! God help us!

The world is now being flooded with philosophy and spiritual guidance from people who don’t know God. They are not going to help anyone because they are blind guides!

But don’t despair. It’s not too late to find your real identity. Your real value. In Christ.

The answers are in the Word of God. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but through me.”

There are only two choices: forgiven and loved child of God or condemned and judged follower of Satan. Ask our loving and merciful God to save you today. But don’t stop at ‘believing’, go on to fully entrusting your life to God. He is willing and able to save you and become your heavenly Father and savior right now. Simply ask Him. He will help you figure out the rest in due time. Don’t worry about ‘religion’ or doing it right. Just reach out in childlike faith. Don’t be afraid.

I’m praying for you.



  1. Good post, Paula! Interesting term, “world-wide identity crisis.” No matter who’s in control politically, every human being wants to know who they are. I think that explains the popularity of Lauren Daigle’s song “You Say,” even in secular circles. It is so poignant and beautiful, it draws people, even those who don’t know exactly Who she’s singing to.

    • Thanks! I watched a video by Eckhart Tolle, as research on spiritual teachers, and I kept thinking, he doesn’t know God and he’s made a whole career out of it! And all of his ideas are about identity. I think it’s a really important idea. That is a beautiful song!

  2. My identity as a child of God determines who I am and how I act in the other roles I take on in this life. Because I am a Christian, I have a responsibility to perform my duties in my roles or secondary identities in an exceptional manner. Great post, my friend

  3. Good morning Paula! That was beautiful.I believe you have summed it up extremely well.from one believer to another and long time friend may I add!

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