Oil Addicts and Food Eaters to Blame for Inflation and Planetary Destruction, Media Says In Unison

It’s all your fault, you greedy, lazy junkie! If you’d just stop consuming natural resources, we would have peace and plenty!

Media content creators agree that oil addiction, eating meat and shopping is to blame for high prices at the pump, inflation, those tornadoes in Texas, and the Ukraine invasion, not to mention racism and gender inequality.

Just peruse the titles of a few articles and you will see that you are definitely the one to blame since you control the oil industry and Federal reserve and Congress and billions of dollars. Or is that BlackRock?

Oh wait, that’s not you? You’re just trying to buy gas for your 2001 Honda to get to your $12 an hour part-time job and then pick up a few burgers from the value meal for dinner? Your poor life decision to be born into a lower-income family is not our fault! Go to college and learn some skills! Don’t you know that you should buy a Tesla and eat organic vegan food to save the planet? Oh, you have a degree, but can’t find a job? I don’t have time to talk to you. Next!

Read these articles titles and you will see that you need to change your ways, you selfish oil junky, most-likely Trump voter, who probably doesn’t even own any bitcoin. You’ll notice that we have been trying to tell you this for years!

And don’t you dare try to blame it on monetary policy. You’re not a banker!















I could show you many more articles like these, but I think you can see that obviously your addiction to oil and meat is the real cause of all the world’s problems that you definitely have control over. So go eat your salad, then buy that Tesla and while you’re at it, build yourself a charging station because we need more of those. And stop telling me about China.


  1. My husband, who has a degree in environmental engineering, showed me an article the other day about how these save-the-planet energy sources don’t really save energy. It told how much energy it takes to make windmills, solar panels, and other trendy gizmos and transport them to where they need to go, not to mention the source of energy when you recharge your electric car. (Duh.🙄)

  2. 😏 Well, when you’re right, you are right, but be careful with your heart. When Jesus said we should pray for those who persecute us, He may not have been thinking of 21st century journalists, but certainly when He said to love our enemies, He probably was thinking specifically of the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC, among others! 😁
    Loving our enemies does not mean tolerating their lies, but we must be careful to call them out with grace… or as Jesus did to the money-changers in the Temple? As a friend says, “You are wise and know how to apply.”
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

  3. I think American consumerism is a real practical and spiritual problem, but these arguments are pretty funny for the logic alone. Runaway inflation has only become an issue since May 2020. By their reasoning, Americans have suddenly become fossil fuel addicts. Is that how this works? We’ve somehow fallen from the grace that we have existed in since the early 1980s?

    Runaway spending caused this inflation crisis. The runaway spending got started with the covid panic. That means Trump had a role and Biden has a role. Trump literally campaigned on cutting checks to every American, something he had done multiple times before – absolutely indistinguishable from the UBI nonsense the left is spewing. He got the inflation party started and Democrats continued it. I’m ready for a third party that actually paid attention in economics. The only difference between the cranks in the two parties right now is their mascot.

    • I feel like this goes way back. But at least to the 2008 bailouts . I think Too Big To Fail has enabled the Fed to have economic impunity.

      • My personal opinion is it goes back to the dot-com crash. Greenspan responded to the dot-com crash by blowing a real estate bubble. He refused to raise rates, and lending standards became worse and worse and worse. Then there was another crash, and they responded by blowing another financial bubble, this time with the Federal Reserve directly buying assets. Then we had the covid crash, and another financial bubble, this time in commodities. Crash-bubble-crash-bubble-crash-bubble. The only constant is inflated prices. Only way to stop inflation is to engineer a recession and let it fester. But that would involve the upper crust watching their wealth melt away, especially Boomer elites who are on their 4th bubble propping up their wealth and relentless consumerism. You’d just as soon wean a homeless addict off of heroin.

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