Getting You Acclimated to the Newest World Order

COVID and the climate emergency are just two aspects of the marketing campaign that is being rolled out to bring a major shift in the governance of the world.

These campaigns are full of new words and redefined words and concepts that subtly modify the public’s thinking. These campaigns, also known as propaganda, are coordinated, widespread and effective.

They use easy to understand concepts that change your focus and direct your behavior to what they believe is best for you.

The marketing uses both fear-inducing and fear-reducing words to emphasize the dangers of staying the same and the rewards of getting with their program .

The heads of powerful organizations such as the United Nations, World Health Organization , NATO, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and lesser known energy-related think tanks have been meeting for years and coming to agreements that they have freely decided to participate in. These plans have always had a global government as the ultimate goal.

What does that mean? It means the end of sovereign nations acting in their own best interest . It means that unelected global organizations have power over individual nations like the United States.

And now , we have reached a crossroads where America must decide if we will surrender our sovereignty to powers that do not necessarily share our values.

The plans that these organizations have for the world are based on a secular Humanist worldview. Their goal is creating a perfect world on Earth , controlled and managed by technology and scientific experts.

There is no place for a sovereign God who interacts with man in the global government. When possible, they will consider the needs of individual human beings, but in general , the needs of the collective will be first in this planned world.

One example of this type of thinking is altering major parts of our lives such as changing the food supply to a more “sustainable” one. The staple foods that are grown now will change to reduce “the carbon footprint”. While they will claim to care about saving people from the effects of climate change , the truth is that some people will be hurt by this food supply manipulation. But they will follow the “science”, not the actual needs of individuals.

The idea of local control over the food supply is not part of their plan.

For example in the following video in which the people are completely brainwashed into critical theory, notice the word systems is used constantly.

The truth is that central planners caused many of the current problems they are trying to fix . By altering the economy by direct control of the money supply and interest rates , initiating wars, financing certain investments and not others, they created an unsustainable system that they are now trying to manage and repair.

Should we trust these same people to fix the problems they caused?

The current campaigns that will lead to a global government began after WW2, but the ideas for a global government began way before the first war with the Progressives. Governments and scientists have been working to control the changes brought about by industrialization, such as population growth and the rising power of non-Western nations.

The focus of the propaganda will be on how you are in danger of dying due to pandemics and climate change and that we all must cooperate BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY to save the planet . Not to save individual people, but the planet as a whole. They will create the belief that we are all one organism and individuals must sacrifice their own rights to protect the whole.

The cure for everything will be technology and science directed by many experts . The term for this is technocracy.

Expect to see a solidification of the apparatus set up by COVID: working from home, social payments, more vaccines, more censorship of social media, more digital payments, shrinking of consumer options , fewer choices in the stores, continued inflation that will be blamed on consumers, and digital identification requirements.

The marketing will be done by young people begging adults to stop destroying their future, as well as healthcare corporations offering incentives to participate in various programs. There will be as much of a lack of helpful information as there is a barrage of useless images meant to create emotions without logical thoughts.

Underneath it all will be the implication that science is going to save us if we will all just do what they tell us.


  1. Thank you for this post. When we read Revelation and wonder how we’ll ever manage to create a one-world government, one-world economy, and one-world religion prophesied there, we actually are seeing it develop in real time in front of our eyes! We’re also being lied to by our government. The southern border chaos is planned – it’s part of the “open borders” concept, yet we’re told our leaders are “managing” the situation to control it. Not true! We’re told there’s going to be a new world order and the US will lead it! Not true. If there is a new world order – and it looks like there will be – the one thing we can be sure of is that the US will NOT lead it. If the US were to lead, there would be no new world order. As another commenter said, quoting from Revelation, “Even so, Lord Jesus, come!” God bless and continue in your faithful ministry.

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