Not-So-Special K : Ketamine

I took acid a few times in the 80s to augment my club experiences. I remember it being a mind-bending, exciting and terrifying, risky and dangerous, slightly out of control experience. It is not something I would consider safe for most of the public and I’m thankful that I survived those wild years of my life. I have no doubt that God protected me.

But some people disagree. They are proclaiming the wonders of the mind-altering, dissociative drug called Ketamine, or Special K on the street, as a new way to treat mental health problems. And they are investing BIG money into facilities, websites, and marketing to make it happen.

It is possible that some people could see improvements in their depression after using Ketamine, but the danger is that it will be prescribed widely and without proper diagnosis and monitoring. You can already buy it online! And like every mind-altering prescription drug, there is the risk that it will be used by people other than the person to whom was prescribed. And even if a few people may turn out okay when experimenting with psychedelic drugs occasionally, promoting a drug like this to the public is simply irresponsible and dangerous.

As I write this, I feel like Noah must have felt when he was building the ark. I know that something terrible is coming and that I can’t stop it. People are only going to see the possible benefits of these drugs and they will ignore the obvious risks and past history of psychedelics and other drugs that take away the pain of real life.

I feel like I should not need to warn people about taking psychedelic drugs to feel better, that this is something that everyone can see is a very bad idea, but yet, when investors are this excited, I know that the marketing campaigns are going to be powerful. However, the FDA put out this warning.

So here is my sincere and heart-felt warning to the world. Don’t buy the hype.

Ketamine is not that well known, but it has been around for a while. It’s main use is as an ANESTHETIC. It NUMBS you. Yet, it is being repurposed as an anti-depressant for people who have not been helped with other treatments.

Ketamine is not new, but it has new options. It can now be injected, taken as a nasal spray and in lozenges, which makes it more popular. Or you can also get it by IV at a clinic, which is probably less popular.

The listed side effects of this legally prescribed medication are: The most common side effects associated with ketamine when used medically are nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diplopia (double vision), drowsiness, dysphoria (unease, restlessness), and confusion. Withdrawal may occur after chronic, extended use of ketamine. Withdrawal symptoms may include chills, sweats, excitation, hallucinations, teary eyes, and drug cravings. According to the DEA, Ketamine can also produce amnesia and be used as a date-rape drug.

Now why would anyone want to put out a drug like this right now? Maybe because opioids are being restricted? Maybe because we are living in a very bad time in history when many people are depressed?

Being numb might not be so bad if you lose your job because of a pandemic or recession, can’t afford gas because of the climate agenda, food is rationed because of wars, war is threatening because of geopolitics, you have no idea what is true anymore because information is censored and full of propaganda, your family is split over politics, and you can’t get married or have children because you are too terrified about the world ending.

Ketamine for everyone! Legally and paid for by your insurance.

And won’t it be fun to take psychedelics WHILE you are in the Metaverse?! The Metaverse, a virtual reality playground and world that you can live in and never need to live your house, will be much better when you are also in a drug-induced bliss state.

In the past dissociation was considered a bad thing. Evidently it is now to be desired.

Sigh. I see the future so clearly and it makes me a bit nauseous. I hope that people will heed my warning. But like Noah, I’m sure they will just laugh at me. And then the rain will start.

What is the alternative to escaping reality with drugs?

I know it sounds hard, but you have to learn to cope with reality. Acceptance and figuring out what you can control and what you can’t are the antidote to anxiety and depression. Exercise, healthy diet, quality sleep, supplements, and human interaction are a much better option if you are truly trying to improve your mental health. Counselling is also a good idea, but just be careful that you don’t waste your money on unproven or harmful quack therapy techniques.

And last, but not least, turn to God. Let go of worldly illusions, accept the bitter pill of the reality that this world is not going to provide you with happiness or even health, and put your faith in the God who is above it all. Let your heart be filled with the joy of knowing Jesus, not the false peace of drugs. You won’t regret it.

Note: I found plenty of articles on this topic, but I will let you do your own research. Here are just a few to get you started. (not promoting this, just showing how they make it sound so good) Ketamine addiction in China Ketamine smuggling


  1. Clinical depression has nothing to do with Noah. Ketamine helped me save my life to the same extent that your Christian god saved yours. And YOU are playing god and I do believe that is a sin—one that claims the lives of many.

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