Runner’s High 2022

I can barely begin to describe the joy I felt yesterday during and after my first trip back to the woods to run post-Covid. Other trail runners will understand.

Running alone with my thoughts among the tall pines and crunching through the leaf-covered dirt gave me a true runner’s high that lasted all day.

The muddy Brazos River was wearing her winter colors and looking beautiful against the clear blue sky.

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I tear up thinking about it. These trees and trails and deer and birds feel like home to me.

An accidental photo

You just don’t know what you have until you almost lose it . I thought maybe COVID had taken the ability to run from me , but I’m back! Looking forward to next time.


  1. I’m not a trail runner but I do get it. Being outside in nature keeps me sane and calibrated. It puts the noise and nonsense of culture into perspective. Glad you had a great day out in God’s creation. DM

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