Moldy Bathroom Update

I posted a while back that we had discovered a serious water leak in our sons’ bathroom that extended into their closets and affected the walls and floors .

Thanks to waiting on shipping of the parts, scheduling the plumber, multiple shopping trips to Lowe’s and Home Depot, waiting for paint to try, and delaying for the Christmas festivities, it took us some time to get the repairs completed .

But we did it ! And we learned a lot as we worked together. It was a good experience. Here are the results. Sorry that I don’t have better photos .

Our remodeling job included: tear out and replace Sheetrock around tub and behind the toilet, remove and replace vinyl flooring, replace tub with a new shower enclosure, new PEX pipes to tub and toilet, remove and replace toilet and change out inner parts, new hardware and hinges for cabinets, replace mirror and light fixture, install new shower faucet, and new extra long shower curtain liner . Also tearing out and replacing the closet floors.

I haven’t added up how much it all cost yet , but I am very thankful that we were able to get the shower plumbing work done by a good friend who wouldn’t let us pay very much. And thankful to another plumber friend for free helpful advice on the toilet job. And of course to God for all of the provisions!

I love the new mirror and light fixture !
A quick video . It’s a small space .


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