How to Fix Stealth Cam: No connection. No Signal Error

Game cams are great, when they work properly! Are you having trouble? I tried calling Customer Service about this issue and they never answered so I figured it out myself. Thought I would share my solution.

Our little friend kept evading the trap. But eventually he got caught. Raccoons are extremely clever and good at getting into small spaces, opening containers, and killing chickens. A camera can help you know what is going on.

Why is your Stealth CamTM not sending you photos?

Have you already tried SYNCING and you got a red light on the wireless connection? I may have a solution for you. Note: I think the Stealth Cam server may be having trouble as well.

Before proceeding try these simple fixes :

  • Check that the batteries haven’t died and the SD card isn’t full.
  • Check that your payment method is updated.
  • You can also have a problem if the payment method you are using has been changed, such as when you get a new Debit or Credit card.
  • Be sure your phone number is updated .
  • Those are the first things to check. If that’s all good but you aren’t getting any downloads, then keep reading.

You may need to REACTIVATE your account

If you have let your payment method lapse or had your account suspended for some reason, it can cause a problem even after you restore your payment method and get a message saying your account has been restored. You may still need to REACTIVATE your account on the main website.

Steps to fix connection.
1. Make sure app is updated, batteries work, and there is an SD card installed.
2. Go to in a web browser, login in with the email address and password that you chose on your app.
3. Click Account. Check status. If you see INACTIVE, then click ACTIVATE. That should fix it.
4. Got to camera, press SYNC button and let it go through the process again. You should receive a download of any photos that were taken while it was inactive.

Check the following things on your account website.

Account screen
Status Buttons should be green when you finish.

Do me a favor and leave me a comment telling what your problem was and if you were able to solve it! Good luck.



  1. Camera is taking pictures but not sending them for 9 hours later. This does me no good when the camera is over a hog trap and i get pictures 9 hours after they go in the trap. I’ve re-booted, re-installed the battery pack, re-synced, everything. And I still get pictures 9 hours later. I can’t trap hogs like this using Stealthcam.

    • I saw a notice in their website about a backlog of photos . I can’t seem to find it again. You may need to replace the camera with a different brand . Mine broke last week so I am getting a different one.

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