Rolling With the Punches

One of my husband’s friends generously gave him this 1994 Buick a couple of years ago. He drove it for awhile as a second car, but then it started having electrical problems and after trying unsuccessfully to find the problem he gave up and abandoned it.

Months passed until my son decided to try to fix it. He replaced something related to the electrical problem . But it still sat in the yard. I really didn’t know what the story was.

Then on Thanksgiving our son’s friend came over. He needs a vehicle. They decided to see if the Buick would work . I saw them driving it down the street . I assumed the friend was going to take the car , but for some he didn’t want it.

Good, I said, because WE need another working car. My youngest son is close to getting his license and will need a car soon. My husband’s car keeps having problems. My other son’s 1989 Toyota truck keeps needing work. So a backup is good to have.

I got it insured and registered after my husband fixed the horn and a headlight. Apparently it still has some problems such as not starting, but maybe we’ll get some use out of it .

I went to get the Christmas decorations out of my son’s closet and discovered that the floor was wet under the storage tubs. I took everything out of the small, very loaded closet and the floor was moldy and soaking wet.

Then I checked the adjacent closet and it was even worse with moldy wet stuff. These are closets we don’t access very often because they’re full of stuff we rarely use, like my kid’s old toys and storage bins .

Long story short, the bathtub had a crack and the water was leaking into the floor under the tub. The Sheetrock and wood were soaked and molded . Big job.

I had wanted to replace that tub with a shower . Guess that’s happening now.

After removing the tub
One of the closets . The wetness extended into the bedroom.

We went to church the week before I found the leak. My husband tried on a shirt before church and then threw it on the bed because it was too wrinkled . Later I picked it up to wash it and I felt something in the pocket . It was $2200 I had forgotten about.

God provided for the bathroom.

Our garden produced this beautiful, very tasty broccoli. Plus lots of Romaine lettuce and some jalapeños.

My husband suddenly decided to go on a very low carb diet. He’s already lost about 5-7 pounds in a week . I guess I will join him .

My hip has been hurting so I haven’t be able to run the past few days. I did run earlier in the week and then I sat by the pond. It’s so lovely . Can you see the spiderwebs?

The weather has been changing frequently. Hot, cold, windy, humid, dry, rain, sun. So sad about the deadly tornadoes in the Midwest this Saturday.

Unusual feather clouds

This year has been really difficult. I’ve been feeling the weight of it all this week. I’m ready for happy times .


    • What time can you be here? I’ll make you dinner. 🙂 The shower enclosure is supposed to be delivered Friday . Hopefully we can get a lot done this weekend.

  1. God is good! 🙂 Hurray for finding money when it was needed, God truly does work in mysterious and wonderful ways. We need to replace our tub situation at some point…..we may or may not be putting it off, lol. We will deal with it eventually, but now is not the time…winter is here, lol. However, we do now have money to deal with it when spring comes 🙂 However, we are hoping to maybe be able to afford something a little….bigger, lol. God has His plans, just waiting to see what they are. All I know is, I have peace about the future (BIG deal for me!!!) and I will be praying for you and your family! God Bless!

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