Vacation Post!

Woohoo ! I’m visiting my sister in Moab, Utah, one of my favorite people and places to visit. My sister is a Park Host at a BLM campground. She knows this area very well . I miss my blogging friends so here’s a quick photo post!

We are staying in the little camper most nights but tonight we are staying at a cool boutique hotel called Moab Flats. The trail photos are from the Fisher Towers trail. We had a blast out there .

It rained for awhile.
Her campsite
I love this popup patio
One of the many amazing views from the campground
Driving to town
Along the river
This road is so scenic .
Beginning of the hike
The red rock is gorgeous.
Such curious rocks!
A ladder on the trail that you have to use
At the end of the trail
Happy me!
The actual view! My eyes could hardly believe it is real.
A different trail


  1. Absolutely amazing! We visited Moab and hiked a little around some of the parks, but missed this view and hike with A LADDER!
    But acronyms can be confusing. BLM brings something to mind that I suspect is NOT in your sister’s wheelhouse. 😁 You may want to edit this blog and provide some context for the initials.
    E.g., LOL started out meaning Lots of Love, but now tends to mean Laugh Out Loud.
    Kind of gets confusing when one reads a message: Sorry to hear your grandpa died, LOL.
    LOL (Laugh Our Loud) 😂

  2. So cool…how did your sister land this fun job?! We visit Colorado frequently and a must is driving through Moab. Just incredible beauty. Thanks for posting!

    • She’s pretty good at finding interesting opportunities! She retired and began a whole new life traveling and taking various jobs to supplement her income . She did the park host mainly so she could stay there for two months , instead of two weeks. She actually has a home in Park City, but she’s rented it out for the past 18 months. She’s smart . 😊

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