Ask God to Open Your Eyes to Unseen* Things

The camera doesn’t capture them ,but my eyes could see so many gnats over the water .

Some insects are so small that you can only see them when light shines on them against a background of darkness.

When I sit by the pond at my neighbors’ house in the morning when the sun is still low , I can see clouds of tiny gnats over the water . But when the sun rises higher , you can’t see them even though they’re still there.

Look closely . Can you see the gnats ?

There are also things that we can’t see unless God shows us.

We need the light of the Spirit to illuminate our darkened mind and eyes.

These spiritual things are real, but not everyone can see or understand them. And God often waits to enlighten us at a specific time, such as when we are being obedient and faithful .

Anyone can physically pick up a Bible and read it if they understand the language. But it will not make sense to those who don’t believe that God is real. That’s why you must pray and ask God to give you faith .

For example, you can read a passage of scripture many times and then one day it suddenly makes much more “sense”. What happened was now you have the deeper meaning from the Spirit, not just the surface understanding of the literal words . You understand what God wanted you to know about Him.

Reading the Bible is meant to draw you closer to God, as in a relationship, not just provide you with history and philosophy and proverbs .

But if you don’t read it with the help of the Holy Spirit, you will only see the pond , but not the unseen things .

In these times of widespread deceit , let’s keep our spiritual eyes open , have faith , and beware the distractions and illusions of the world.

*Just to clarify , I don’t mean secret messages or knowledge for one person . I mean that true understanding of scripture, which is God’s word, is only possible for obedient, faith-filled believers.

PS : After I wrote this, i was browsing Spotify while doing chores . I randomly picked a podcast . God confirmed that I was thinking correctly by this podcast . It has all the scriptures to back up what I wrote in the blog . I hope you’ll listen.


  1. We were just talking the other night about the gnats and the bugs hovering over the fields. The sun has to hit them just right to see. It makes me wonder if I’m breathing in all those bugs?! They’re everywhere in the sky when you can see them! My heart has been whispering Esther 4:14 this month.

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