Talking about Life: A Podcast with my BFF

Yippee! I finally recorded a podcast with my friend Faithe. She and I met on Facebook in a running group when we were both new, and totally obsessed, runners . Somehow we ended up chatting by messenger and eventually we made a plan ! We were going to meet in New York and run a 50k trail race together. I flew up and stayed with her and her family and had a wonderful time. We raced in the cold rain over rocks and through flooded trails and finished just minutes before the cut-off! It was a blast and we’ve been best buds ever since, despite the miles between us.

In the podcast we talk about owning our choices in life, not so much about running. As homeschool moms, we both have felt unappreciated and overworked at times. Sometimes we have vented to each other, but we have always encouraged each other to stay the course. But as Faithe says, we had to come to the point where we recognized that our husbands felt the same way. It was time to have more compassion and appreciation for them and also to realize that no one forced us to choose this life, it was a blessing and a privilege. Getting older sometimes does mean getting wiser.

We also talk about how she ended up homeschooling even though she didn’t really want to, and discuss the poor schools and day care centers of the early 90s. We ask ourselves if we should have done more to help pay the bills. I hope you enjoy the chat! Scroll down for the podcast.

Looking back on our race

Evidently I was so busy running in 2017 that I hardly wrote any blogs, so I don’t have a post about our race! But here’s a post that mentions it.

A little younger, very excited and nervous before the race.
At the start! Almost 10 hours later, we finished, frozen!
Not my video, but it shows how difficult the trails are. And it was actually much wetter at the time we were running. I can hardly believe I ran this race. Many people DNF.

Some years later, both of us have aquired tons of race medals and t-shirts and injuries and good memories from running. Our kids and husbands have gotten older and our bodies have rebelled against us. We are slow and less motivated, but we are still trying! Our race goals may have changed, but we still strive to be the best people we can be, loving our families and seeking God.

PS: If you’d like to be a guest on my show, please comment below!

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Special Guest! Faithe. Owning Our Choices in Life and Marriage ep 51 Blue Skies and Green Pastures with Paula Adams

A conversation with my best friend Faithe about what she and I have learned about ourselves in our wise old age. If you're a 50+ woman, you can probably relate, if you're a younger mom, you might learn something!  Both of us are Christians, have large families and homeschooled our kids. We have a lot in common in how we relate to the world and people even though we also have many differences in our upbringing . We discuss what motivated us to have the lives we have. Hope you'll join us as we try to make sense of life as menopausal women who did things differently than most of our peers.  A few takeaways: Realize that even when you make choices that you feel you HAD to make, you still made a choice. Self-awareness helps you understand why you make decisions. Most decisions are made based on what we think is best for us at THAT TIME, not in the long term. Married people must learn to have compassion for their spouse's struggles and appreciate them. Being a controlling person never turns out good for anyone. We live in a society that rewards victims with more attention than those who quietly assume personal responsibility for their lives.  God loves you and you can trust Him.  — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


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