Our COVID Experience

Synopsis: I got sick on 8/6 and my husband had his first symptoms on 8/9. We got tested and were treated with antibiotics, prednisone, plus ivermectin, vitamins and antihistamines and cough medicine. I got well but my husband got worse. One theory for why he didn’t get better is that he sat on the couch and didn’t move for many days, but I was still pretty busy. Another possible reason his progressed to pneumonia is that he has mild high blood pressure. Both of us are over 50 years old.

The following is a reverse order journal of his 11 day hospitalization with severe double pneumonia and three week post-hospitalization recovery at home, plus he was sick for 10 days prior to going into the hospital. So far he he has missed six weeks of work. I also include things I have learned along the way about Covid treatment. Here are links to two other posts that I have written . Sorry I have not had time to consolidate everything . Covid Haze previous post. Texas Covid post.

9/17/2021 Friday . Hopefully this journal will be ending soon! Things are looking good for a possible return to work part-time next week. He has been able to do a few chores here at home this week, as long as he does a nebulizer treatment first to open up his lungs. His asthma is improving! (He had no asthma prior to covid.) The great news is that he has only needed oxygen once in the past two days. We are definitely encouraged! He took another four days of ivermectin this week . https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/treatments/ivermectin/

I’m still talking to people who don’t know anything about the life-saving monoclonal antibody treatment . People do not need to die from Covid ! If you test positive and have any health issues, or are overweight, or over 50 years old, please ASK your doctor for this treatment! Don’t take no for answer ! https://www.theoaklandpress.com/2021/09/14/monoclonal-antibody-treatment-for-covid-saves-lives-can-prevent-hospitalizations

Another thing I urge you to be aware of is that blood clots are the cause of many covid deaths. Please , if your loved one or you is hospitalized , make sure they get anti-thrombosis medicine, also know as blood thinners. This is a NIH website for people who want to know what the treatments should be. My husband did not do well on the Remdesivir which is an approved treatment with known kidney risks to some people. It’s much better to get the monoclonal antibodies before you get locked up in the hospital!


9/6/2021 My husband had a checkup yesterday. The doctor said the reason he still needs oxygen and is short of breath is that the covid has caused his lungs to be constricted, as in asthma. She gave him asthma medicines. The good news is that he is able to go without oxygen for an hour or so while sitting down. He lost a lot of muscle tone and strength while in the hospital so he gets tired very quickly if he tries to do anything other than sit. But he is working at getting stronger by doing things like going outside for a few minutes and walking to the kitchen and back. That is progress. Here is a story about ECMO. We are so thankful that my husband is getting better, unlike many people who have different outcomes.

9/3/2021 My husband has been home since 8/30. He is still on oxygen constantly, but he is making some progress. With love and time and God’s help, I know he will return to good health eventually. Today’s update is especially to share this link. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/health/article/You-ve-tested-positive-for-COVID-Should-you-16428414.php?. This is very important information. If you wait too long, you will not be eligible and it could even make it worse if you get it when you are actually improving.

Update: 8/29/2021 He is going to make it! Praise God that my husband is getting better and the plan is for him to come home tomorrow. He started weaning off the oxygen yesterday , but he’s still on it . I think he’ll be coming home with oxygen . He’s eating again and able to stand and talk . Not much walking because of the monitor wires and IV. I did get to visit today and yesterday. This has been a scary experience and we are thankful for everyone’s prayers .

Today, Sunday, Lost a lot of weight in the past three weeks.
Friday , starting to improve. Outside for first time. Still weak,
In the ER 8/19

Update 8/21/2021 The longer this goes, the less I know about anything. You think that if you do everything ‘right’ according to the ‘experts’ tell you in the hundreds of videos going around, that you’ll be safe. Heck, I thought I was pretty smart about the topic! The reality is that sometimes all those ‘protocols’ are not enough, even if you are young and healthy. This virus is unpredictable. I totally understand not wanting to get the vaccine and having serious doubts about everything we have been told, because I am the same. But I also have a close-up and personal view of the terrifying side of the virus. I’m a strong person in a crisis, but seeing my husband so weak and struggling to breathe has me begging God for mercy and asking forgiveness for sins I don’t even know I committed. He is currently getting care in a small, rural hospital that has no ICU. They are doing the best they can because no transfer hospitals are available. Texas hospitals are totally full and there is nowhere else for him to go. God help us when this variant really starts to spread in the Fall like it will. If you’ve had the vaccine, you should know that you can get mildly sick (like cold or allergy symptoms) and spread the virus and not know it. And that the effectiveness has been show to WEAR OFF and you will need a booster. Please don’t let your guard down. We may not know WHO or WHAT caused this virus, but it’s more dangerous than many of us wanted to think. You might be the lucky one who has mild symptoms or you might not. Tough times.

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UPDATE 8/16/2021 My husband did not improve immediately like I did (on the prednisone, azythromycin and Budenoside). He was not as far along in the illness as I was. He is still fighting the virus. He’s at home but is feeling bad . I’ve been told that it’s my fault for not getting the vaccine. I stand by my decision to not take an experimental drug that has already caused thousands of deaths and reactions. Do not take our story as MEDICAL ADVICE. In my opinion, there is no proven medical advice out there that is 100% known to work or be without risk. Even the CDC Covid management website is proof that they are figuring things out as they go. Pray and make your own decision.

These were the drugs prescribed by our regular doctor. She did NOT offer us monoclonal antibodies and we didn’t know that you should get that treatment BEFORE you end up needing oxygen.


  1. This is great news! Praise the Lord.

    A few years back, before covid my hubby got pneumonia and spent a week on a vent. He came home with oxygen and went to pulmonary rehab a few times a week. So my unsolicited advice is that physical therapy and breathing exercises are wonderful. So is walking everyday! We began on portable oxygen just doing a few blocks and eventually worked our way up to a few miles with no oxygen. So take it slow, but the best thing you can do is to get your body moving, to help rebuild your strength and to get your lungs opened back up. My hubby has sleep apnea and copd, so he uses a machine at night with a little bit of oxygen, but other then that he is recovered, perhaps in some ways even healthier than ever.

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