Simple Faith is Enough (Plus Podcast)

Not everyone has the same desire or ability to study theology. I’ve known strong Christians who lived out their faith in service to God and others , but didn’t feel the need to dive deep into the Bible. Yes, they went to Sunday School, but they accepted the lesson at face value and did not go searching for more information or other interpretations. They believed in the basic Christian beliefs and that was good enough for them.

They had faith to trust that God was able and willing to save them and heard their prayers and they simply believed that all the Bible stories were true. No need to look for deeper meanings or connections or understand all the history behind the Bible. They had total respect and reverence for God.

Why am I saying this? Because I used to think something was wrong with those people. That they should study more, take the Bible more seriously! But I know now that Christians can express their faith in different ways. The more practical ones often use their gifts to make money in business and then give that money to the church. That is important! God can use you and your unique personality and talents and ways of thinking.

I am thankful for the Christians in my life who love to study and teach, and for the ones who love to serve the community in practical ways like working in the food pantry and with the children in VBS. Their faith is established and they are living it out .

Everyone should read the Bible and study it. But not everyone will study at the same level of intensity. Being an expert on theology is not required to be a Christian. Biblically-based Christianity is a reasonable belief system, but you cannot prove whether it is true or is not true. The gospel can only be accepted by faith, regardless of how much you study. And let us not forget that love triumphs over it all.

Believe on the Lord Jesus and be saved. Acts 16

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  1. This reminds me of the thief beside Jesus. One wonders how much “theology” he understood when he asked the Master, “Remember me.” And Jesus promise, delivered to him personally, “Today you will be with Me in Paradise.” How I long to hear those words from my Lord. c.a.

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