Memorial Day Weekend means Rain, Brisket, and…Pickles?

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! And God bless those who fought and died in the battle to preserve our freedom to enjoy life without tyranny.

American  flag
God bless America!

It’s been raining cats and dogs here again. All of the ponds are overflowing and the grass is ten feet high. Mosquitoes are carrying off small livestock and the frogs are so loud they’re getting tickets for disturbing the peace.

Puddle on a trail
My trail is a mess.

We literally got over 3 inches of rain last night in just a few hours , to add to the 5 inches we got just a week ago. The ground is so saturated that we can’t mow the grass.

Front yard with large puddle
My front yard is now a lake

But today the sun is out and we are enjoying the day cooking together . First my husband got up early to prepare a brisket that he’s slow smoking for about 8 hours.

Brisket smoking
He uses the indirect heat method of smoking .

Then he sliced up several cucumbers from our garden to make fast pickles . This is our first attempt at making pickles . We also decided to make pickled eggs because he loves them. We put habanero peppers in two jars of the pickles . My son loves hot peppers.

Pickled cucumbers and peppers in jars
Can’t wait!
Jar of pickled eggs
Not a big fan of pickled eggs myself

After a month of rain, I’m hoping June will be a little less wet. Hope everyone has a great weekend! Enjoy our freedom while we still can .

Flowers and trees  and blue sky
Blessed !


  1. Tell you hubby to bring his pickled eggs to KY along with some smoked brisket (and you 🙂) and I’ll break out some Breyers for dessert! 😂

  2. Where do you live that you already have cucumbers in your garden?

    My grandma used to make pickled eggs in the brine from pickled beets on Easter the whites became pink & made for a pretty display next to the deviled eggs

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