Love Is….

“I was just going to say that!”

“Do you want one of my shrimp?”

Even though he’s in pain , he goes hiking with me.

Ordering Curbside on your anniversary because he’s not a fan of new places.

Watching The Office in the hotel while eating $90 worth of Mexican take out.

Truly enjoying just meandering down the San Antonio River Walk together.

Laughing at silly jokes that no one else gets.

Sitting in bed posting on social media together on your 30th anniversary.

Being real because you know you can.


  1. Anita and I are headed for the big 32 this August! Congratulations on not murdering each other for 30 years. “And she said, ’30? Seems more like 40!'” and he replied, “It’s been 25 of the happiest years of my life.” 😂 Love and prayers for 30 more for you!!

  2. Congrat’s on 30!!!! That is no small thing. “Ordering curbside because he’s not a fan of new places.” Made me smile. Sounds like me! God is good. DM

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