Nature Calls and Trail Runners Answer!

Even before the first Bluebonnet and Indian Paintbrush patches appears along the highway, you will see smiling runners out taking advantage of the early Spring weather in Texas . Today the trails at Stephen F. Austin State Park were alive with the colors of the unique species, trailus runnerus. All ages, shapes and sizes of these energetic, social and motivated creatures were out enjoying the dry trails and perfect running temperatures. Some appeared to be engaged in training for a race and others were just doing what comes natural, moving relentlessly forward on their own two feet amongst the trees. I joined them for a little over an hour, solo, but part of the family , acknowledged with smiles, comments, and the shared pleasure of being in nature that trail runners , deer, possums, squirrels and birds understand. Enjoy the pics!

Lovely couple that was out just running for the joy of it
The trees were bare but our hearts were full
Stopped out by the river to take a pic and realized my watch was just now getting the GPS signal.

Happy Running! Are you training for anything?

One comment

  1. We’ve been walking outside since the weather is above freezing where we live. It was almost shorts weather yesterday, but back to the 30s today. Your photos give me hope for Spring, thanks for sharing them!!

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