Unprecedented Winter Weather in Texas Wreaks Havoc

If you haven’t seen the news, you might not know that Texans have been experiencing the coldest weather we’ve had in like 100 years and many do not have electricity (or gas) to heat their homes. Thankfully my family has had power for about 2/3 of the time. We are having what they call rolling blackouts in order to conserve energy and prevent grid failure . As you might imagine , this has prompted much angry finger-pointing and blaming and amateur energy policy analysis .

Here’s my explainer . This cold weather is a rare event. Preparing for rare weather events costs money . Nobody wants to pay for historically rare events . But when people are without power in weather in the teens, they notice and complain to the government who they think is supposed to protect them from all bad things. So then rumors fly and in the end , we ,the middle class people, will pay for it with more socialism. Oh yeah , and the green windmills that were supposed to provide 1/4 of our power are frozen.

Windmills freeze in Texas

Along with the cold, it snowed more than I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. I love it! But we can’t go to work or school or shopping or the doctor or anywhere because Texas isn’t a snow state and we don’t have snowplows or snow tires or road crews or snow driving skills . Also the roads are icy . So it’s not an exaggeration to say that the whole state shut down on Monday and it’s still closed in some areas because this morning we now have freezing rain. My husband made it to work yesterday driving slow, but he is home again today . Too icy . The local grocery stores are closed because of broken pipes and power outages causing refrigerators and freezers to shut down . It’s havoc!

But I’m thankful to report that we have been doing okay . Living in the country means we are on an electric co-op , not like the big city power companies. Our power is intermittent, but it’s controlled . My house is pretty well insulated. I bought groceries before the rest of the town cleared the Walmart shelves of everything. Between Covid and the Great Winter Storm of 2021, Walmart employees deserve a raise!

Here are some photos from the past few days. I’ve had a blast taking pictures . So many birds and snowy scenes! I’ll add more later when the power comes back on and I have internet . It’s like frontier times out here!

The first day of the snow.
Ellie adapted quickly and seems to like the snow.
The boys had to try riding in snow and they played in it all day
The pond froze!
I’ve had to refill the feeders often because we’ve had so many birds. I will probably post a separate blog with just bird photos .
I’ve been going for a lot of walks
Next door pasture
Doing Bible study by candlelight with a fat cat
This morning 2/17/2021 , icicles are dripping and the snow is melting

All in all , it’s been kinda fun , but I think everyone is ready to get back to normal. It should warm up to normal temperatures by Monday or Tuesday . We have already had temps in the upper 70s and even 80 here this month, but it’s not unusual for us to have a freeze after warm weather.


  1. Good to hear your update! I was thinking about you guys last night when I read the news that the windmills were freezing and portions of the state were completely out of electricity. This is just a teaser of what could be in store as our nations Green new deal “experts” move us more and more away from fossil fuels (and nuclear) towards wind and solar. I can’t wait….we too here in the upper midwest have been setting records for number of days in subzero weather. We would really be up a creek if the electric goes out up here for any length of time. (I love a good blizzard myself/ just as long as we don’t loose heat. Take care. DM

  2. Looks like your Bible study is the same CBC course my wife is taking. Also, my daughter and her family east of Houston were without power the first day, but power was restored the second. She said, as you did, that the entire state shut down. Very interesting pictures. Certainly from my having grown up in Pennsylvania, I’m familiar with the snow, ice stuff. Glad I moved away from it! Stay warm. Looking forward to the bird pictures.

    • Oh cool! I have learned so much this year, despite our having to use Zoom classes. Glad to hear your daughter has power . I was working on the bird post and the power went off. Soon !

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