Arcticmageddon !

In case you didn’t know , baby, it’s cold outside! In fact , if you live in the states that usually have mild winters, you’re probably not going to work tomorrow. We just aren’t used to or prepared for this kind of weather. Our highways and vehicles are not snow-worthy and we don’t know how to drive slow. So most of us are staying inside to wait for it to get back to temps in the 70s like it was last week . We are cooking , eating and cranking up the heat. Stay warm, friends!

Happy Valentines Day!

That’s me going for a run but I was way overdressed and had to shed a few items .
This is my son sliding around on the ice covered deck. Big fun!
Eating real Texas chili WITH beans 😉


    • Well the problem is Texas is experiencing widespread power outages! Thankfully ours has been on about 2/3 of the hours . It’s rolling blackouts. But some people have had no power since early this morning. 🙏

      • My husband was telling me about that last night and I was like, yikes, I hope Paula and her family are warm!! Glad you have power for most of the time. Use layers 🙂 God Bless and hopefully it warms up soon!!

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