I’m Joining the Gym Again

Rain gauge with four and a half inches of rain in it.
4.5 inches in 12 hours

The weather has been of the type that puts me in a bad mood as far as running. Extremely muggy, lots of rain and heat, and with no end in sight , I’ve decided to reactivate my gym life . This is sauna season in Texas , meaning it feels like a steam bath , swimming through the air, and I can’t breathe .

Weather Underground report showing ninety-five percent humidity and seventy-two degree dew point

Even though the gym I go to still has the same broken down old equipment, it’s better than running outside . I just can’t bring myself to pay a lot for a fancy gym . And I like the yokels at the local strip center gym. We are all just trying to hold off the grim reaper. There’s a few young chickens and bucks sweating it out for dates , but most of us are just trying to avoid cardiac arrest and strokes.

meme showing person sleeping on a treadmill with the doctor told me to spend at least one hour per day on the treadmill

So , after over a year of no monthly payments, I’ll sign that contract again today. I had left my relationship with this gym after quite a few years of using their treadmills and stair climber because I found that many months had passed without us seeing each other. But it’s time to reunite .

meme about going to mcdonalds instead of the gym

I’m not a gym rat . I avoid lifting weights and Pilates classes . Straight to the treadmill I go . I can run a half marathon on that torture device. But I’d rather not. I’d rather be on dirt trails in the woods , but they tend to be closed after a monsoon . A few years ago my favorite state park was literally under 8 FEET of flood waters.

photo of muddy trail with footprints
Try running up this hill

The good news is the muggy season only lasts until July . Then comes drought season. Oh , it’s gonna be hot , but I’d rather run in a dry sauna than a steam bath . Of course we had a very unusual winter so I’m not counting on anything being normal this summer.

dried up lake bed in Texas
Hopefully not this dry


  1. Kentucky is about as nice as it gets for weather. We avoid most of the ice and snow that falls north of the Ohio River; we are far enough from subduction plates that earthquakes are unlikely; we are far enough north that we get beautiful green grass and leaves all summer long; spring and fall are absolutely alive with colors.
    Of course, we complain about heat, humidity and snow, but it is nothing like AZ, TX, MN or ME.
    And we’ve got mostly conservative pols. Surprising that they don’t take credit for the weather! 😁

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