Just relax! Be like everyone else!

Do you ever wish you could just relax? Do you ever look around or look at your screen and see the rest of the world enjoying themselves and wonder why you aren’t like them? They look so carefree and unconcerned about the many worries that fill your head! Don’t they know about all the bad things that could happen?? How do they do it?

Did they have perfect childhoods so they have no abandonment issues or unresolved codependent habits?

Did they go to the perfect church so that they are all about grace and feel no pressure from the law?

Do they have a perfect spouse that supports them in their personal and spiritual growth and does 50% or more of the domestic duties?

Are their 2.5 children smiling and obedient and on track to graduate with honors , with no academic holes or lack of emotional intelligence?

Do they have a retirement plan, perfect credit, no debt, good health, burial plots, two new automobiles, and a home in a good neighborhood with great equity?

NO! Those people do not exist. The end.

Well, there are people who do not go around worrying all the time, but they aren’t perfect and don’t have perfect lives. They are just different than us. They tend to take things as they come, at face value, and be good at planning. They do not argue with authority, or expect disaster. They expect things will work out and they are often right! They are not like us. And that’s okay. We need those people. They are often very productive, very fun to hang out with, good at lots of things, and very kind to those of us who are burdened by many worries. Let’s be thankful for them. Let’s learn from them. A good dose of proactive, positive, hopeful, optimism is needed in this world right now!

I am not that person right now. So I want to celebrate those bloggers that do post differently than I do. Thank you! We need you! Keep being that happy, positive person! God bless you!

Photo by Alexas Fotos on Pexels.com


  1. No, those people don’t exist. (That’s just their Facebook persona.) Ironically, it’s often the big mistakes, blunders, struggles in life that God uses to mold people like that. Maybe it’s the notion “If I got through THAT, I can survive anything.” I don’t know for sure, still working on it myself…

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