Who is over-reacting? In Defense of the Cynics

A funny thing is going on: on one hand we have people saying the economy is going to crash and we must stop it,  and on the other we have people who say we aren’t doing enough to stop the spread of COVID19 and millions could die. Each side is saying the other is over-reacting to one part and not doing enough reacting to the other part. Both sides are a bit freaked out and worried. Both sides are reacting to their perception of reality, the information they believe is true, their subconscious fears, personal values and beliefs.


People who look at the world carefully and question the motives and implications and long-term goals of those in authority are sometimes regarded as negative, suspicious, cynical, or even conspiracy theorists. The ones who are being questioned are part of the group that likes to label the questioners. That can make it seem  to the more trusting public like anyone who says that it’s not safe to take politicians and their spokespeople at their word should not be taken seriously and may even be dangerous. If you’ve studied history at all you know that this is a very easy way to manipulate the public and neutralize those who try to warn them. Make it look like they are mentally ill, have their own ulterior motives, or find a way to destroy them by finding or creating some charge against them. This is nothing new, but with the instant availability of all types of information, true and false, it’s much easier to broadcast deception and silence the truth and warnings. Self-serving leaders such as Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini, and many others used dis-information to sway the public and create hate against certain groups and loyalty and approval for themselves.

If you use the internet at all, you are going to see news stories that very likely have a distinct goal in mind, to gain support  or reduce support for various people and policies and also to sell goods. If you already have an opinion about someone you are more likely to believe either good or bad rumors or misleading information about them. It can go both ways of course, but usually we see it being used to try to destroy one person and make another person look better than they really are, or distort facts to get a desired emotional and voting response from the public. Why do they want to control us? As always it boils down to two things, money and power. Is every government official or every news article spreading manipulative information, not necessarily. But those of us who are more vocal about not believing everything you read, about there being an actual hidden agenda behind the seemingly well-intentioned plans of the left,  are often told that we should not be so negative, so suspicious, so cynical, everything is fine! Those who study history, human nature, and the Bible know better.

I wish I could be as naive and trusting as some of you, because it’s not easy being me. But God did not make us all the same. Each one has different personalities and gifts. Some use them for good and some don’t . Those of us who try to warn other people about danger are not usually very popular and that can be lonely. After awhile , many people just stop telling people the truth because it becomes obvious that most people do not want to hear it!

Satan is the father of lies. That is the truth. He uses lies to control unbelievers and torment believers. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life! God is real and he is going to judge the people of the earth. The only path to forgiveness , exemption from judgment, is through faith in Jesus.

Truth matters more than anything because lies will send you to eternal punishment. But there I go again, telling the truth that not too many people want to hear. So go ahead and think positive and be optimistic and keep your head in the clouds. I will pray for you. In the meantime, President Trump is right. He said that keeping the country shut down is going to shut down the economy and everyone will suffer from it. He did NOT say that he doesn’t care about those who die! If you listen to the whole conversation, it was perfectly compassionate and logical. We need to be wise! A long term total shutdown is not necessary to save lives. People who are mostly at risk are already being protected. Other countries are not taking these drastic measures. We must not overreact and ruin America for a long, long time. So, I beg you, don’t listen to comments taken out of context. Educate yourself. Then think about long-term consequences to the choices our government is making. Even if you don’t share your information with others, you will be less likely to be taken in by manipulative media.

Here is a suggestion. Go to Youtube and search “Trump says we must get back to work”, then look at the various titles of the videos and see how they try to sway your emotions and opinions about Trump before you even HEAR for yourself what Trump said. Then see if you can find the WHOLE conversation and HEAR for yourself before you decide if he ‘doesn’t care about dying people’ or whatever things they are saying. Do that for every negative comment you hear about Trump and you might be shocked at how they take his words and twist them to fit their narrative. Go on, what else do you have to do today? 😉 And while you’re on Youtube, look for Kevin’s Corner and subscribe. He uses humor to point out the lies and deception of the media. Link below.


  1. “… it’s much easier to broadcast deception and silence the truth and warnings.” Weren’t there couple of Chinese doctors who tried to warn the rest of the world months ago and ended up in prison – and dead?

    As for the news media quoting people, I don’t trust “excerpts,” I want to hear the whole speech.

  2. Excellent post! I have been thinking some of those same kind of thoughts (not all, of course). I wonder what we will think of all of this in a few months, or even longer when we take a look back. I am not a conspiracy thinker, but it is good to listen to a few of them in order to get a different viewpoint! I hope Grace is doing well! Take care! ❤Valerie

    • Thanks Valerie. Grace is doing well. Prayers for it to stay that way are always appreciated. I have a few friends that believe some very detailed conspiracy theories about what is happening behind the scenes, but I think they are a bit too detailed for me to believe all of it . I am trying to stay focused on the promise that God is in control of it all. ❤

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