It’s Official, I’m Middle-aged

I know I’m finally middle-aged because I’m actually glad to be older and wiser.

I’m now one of those people who remembers the 80s and 90s and proclaims them the ‘good ole days’.


I go to bed at 10:00.


I’m fat and I don’t care anymore.

I think about things like nursing homes and social security and death.

My kids don’t want me to hang out with them.


I know what life ‘used to be like’ before the internet and phones ruined everything.

I mourn the loss of childhood.



I pray  all the time.


I enjoy the little things, like my morning coffee and a decent night’s sleep.

I look at the old lady clothes in the store and think they look comfy.


I’ve started collecting cats AND dogs.


I’m making friends with other women my age, after years of having mostly guy friends.

I  no longer speak every thought that pops into my head, but I’m full of good advice.

I think people younger than 40 are ‘kids’.

I’m glad it only took 55 years to reach this point!





  1. Hey PK, I had one of those “Early iPods” too! HA! memories, and sometimes the loss of memory like when I’m looking for my phone and I’m using it! Ugh….

    I consider people under 40 kids too, and people in their 20’s I refer to as babies, not because they whine, but because when I was in my twenties, they didn’t exist. Heck, I got to bed by either 8:30 or nine, but only because I come into work at 7:30. But I get everything your saying.

    HEY!! So I signed up for my very first public run, it’s an 8K, the 4928 Peter John Herrera Memorial Run. Deputy Herrera was a Sheriffs Deputy with the El Paso County Sheriffs Department, and last year in April he was killed while he stopped a vehicle in the lower valley because of a broken taillight. He was shot because the suspects in the car were on probation and had drugs in the car. He was only 28 years old, so this is the very first memorial run to benefit a scholarship in his name. So me and my oldest and youngest are going to run/walk (which ever is easier on the feet, lol.)

    They are going with me for moral support, I hope to run the entire 5 miles, so I’ll let you know how it goes. But I’m super excited!!! YAY!!!

  2. So true and so hilarious!

    It’s nice not to care so much what people think of you. I mean, who cares right?
    I’ve had the same gut all my life. Now it’s okay cause I’m old. Fantastic!
    I never had a great memory. Now no one expects me to.

    But after a long run when I’m walking funny, I now realize that I look old and not like an athlete after a rigorous work out. I’m still gonna walk funny when it hurts. Not much I can do about that.
    I can still out run 90% of the human race. Even those whiper snappers!

    Now that I’m older and have done a few things, I’d like to think I’m a bit more interesting than I was twenty years ago. But I don’t have to care about being interesting anymore.

    • There are definitely some good things about getting older, but I agree that looking old and decrepit after a run is not one of them. LOL! And, yes, gotta love having stories to tell. Take care!

  3. I’m at a good age. My grandchildren want to spend time with me – they fight over it sometimes, so I have to spend one-on-one time with each of them equally.
    My daughter’s hair is turning grey. Does that mean I have to stop coloring mine?
    A young woman I had just made friends with in church told me during one of our long conversations that I should meet her mother, she’s a lot like me. Then I learned her mother is more than 20 years younger than I am.
    I still forget I’m a grownup sometimes. :/

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