Thoughts on the Virus Scare: Keep Calm and go for Run

Update: This was written before the pandemic was declared and thousands had died. I still think there is some truth in this post, so I am not taking it down.

Calm down, people!  Do people know the difference between hype and facts? COVID 19, aka the coronavirus, is taking over Facebook and I’m over it. Why are people so scared? Unless you have a weakened immune system, your risk of death is very low. In fact, your risk of symptoms is low. The numbers are out there for all to see, the virus is not that widespread in the U.S. . Yes, some people have died and I am sorry if you have lost a loved one.  Death comes to everyone. Are you ready to meet God?

I don’t want anyone to get sick. Being sick is the pits.  But I’m way more concerned about the danger of governments using this virus as an excuse to flex their muscles. Did you know that New York is bringing in the National Guard? Why? No good reason. Large gatherings and events are being cancelled all over. Why? These are the healthy people that are out and about spending money , running races, going on trips. It’s quite unnecessary. I feel so bad for my running friends who are missing races that they have trained so hard for. It’s ridiculous. And large music festivals and other festivals that bring in millions to cities are being cancelled. The economic impact is going to be huge and that fact is not unknown to these mayors and governors and whoever is making the decisions to cancel these events. Why are they willing to hurt the economy? That is the real question.

What intrigues me even more is that we still have no idea where this mystery virus came from, or at least ‘they’ aren’t telling. I’m sure someone knows the truth. The story is it came from an animal. WHO China Joint Commission on Covid 19

Viruses are scary because there is no treatment and they don’t respond to antibiotics. And they mutate. However, a healthy immune system will usually do it’s job. Our best plan of action is to HAVE A HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM. Click the link and read simple ways to help your body fight disease. But basically do the following, eat right, sleep, drink water, get sunshine, avoid sugar and alcohol, take probiotics or eat a good yogurt,  and don’t get constipated because your gut is the biggest part of your immune system.

It may be a side effect or it may be the plan, but we are definitely going to find out what people will do in the face of these virus threats and quarantines. Will people resist? Will they band together ? Will they look to the government to save them? Will they start hoarding things and stop going places out of fear of a virus that the majority of people won’t even develop symptoms from, and if they do, almost all will recover? Will they be willing to give up their freedom?

CDC Transcript briefing 3-10-2020

Lastly, let’s not forget there is an election going on and there is much about this election that is very sketchy. Obviously  Joe Biden is being set up for the nomination by the Democrats, despite the fact that he was not the top contender by the voters. There is a lot of behind the scenes trickery and games at work. Bernie Sanders is a total nut and Communist in my opinion, but he was popular with many people, however he is being pushed out once again. Yet the Democrats are the ones always yelling about protecting the ‘democratic process’, the process that got Trump elected because the people wanted a President that cared about saving the American way of life. Trump has already been attacked left and right for supposedly not handling this situation correctly, although he has been working on it since it first began in China.

This virus thing is just getting started, so hold on to your wits and keep your eyes and ears open. There are other things happening besides toilet-paper shortages. Encourage your friends and family to keep living their lives. Keep your normal routine. Stay calm. Do not become paranoid. And stocking up on guns and ammo for the shooting range is never a bad idea. Then go for a run. Ridiculously photogenic man agrees!


Edit: a good friend sent me an article with some sensible reasons why we should try to avoid large gatherings. Mainly that we don’t want to overload the hospitals all at once since the more serious cases often require ventilator use. So it’s better if the virus spreads more gradually. Point taken . I still hate the idea of cancelling so many events , but I guess it’s necessary. Good luck and God bless America!


  1. Amen to all of that, especially “Yes, some people have died. People do that. Every day. From all kinds of diseases , old age, accidents, the flu, murder, suicide, choking, drug overdoses, falls, animal attacks, snake bites, tiger attacks, you name it.” Yes, it isn’t a matter of whether we’re going to die. We ARE. The question is, what then?
    My blog piece posted yesterday made the same point, which I haven’t heard people say enough about.

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