Church Ladies

Today at church I was watching as a lady I know slowly made her way down the pew with her cane. It struck me that just a few years ago she was not using a cane. My thoughts went to several other ladies who have had serious health problems lately. Over the past nine or ten years that I’ve been with these wonderful women, time has left it’s mark on too many of them. It’s been a blessing to pray, learn, sing praises and laugh together. This year we are studying Revelation. With the current cultural and political turmoil, all of us are very aware that things are happening according to the prophecies told in God’s Word. We are not afraid. We are ready. We look forward to living together in God’s Kingdom. I’m so thankful for these precious saints!



  1. I have watched older men at church, who were once the life of the discussions at the men’s group, decline and pass on. It is sad, but part of the arrangement we have.

  2. When we lived in Port Huron I was in a Bible study where most of the women were older than I was. It was enlightening to hear their perspectives. It also got funny at times.
    One day a woman made a comment that everyone thought was a very point, except one of the ladies, who said, “Honey, I couldn’t hear you. What did you say?”
    After a moment of silence, the lady said, bewildered, “I don’t remember…”

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