It’s that time again! Jackalope Jam Race 2020



Can’t believe it’s already been a year since I ran Jackalope Jam!  Also see 2019 race photos  here. Last year I thought I went in under-trained, but this year I feel even less trained. Last year I had a lot of miles on my legs from running Snowdrop 55 hour. But I really cut back in 2019 and did not run Snowdrop this January ,so even though I’ve been training for this, my overall miles on legs for the past six months is pretty low. I’ve just been busy with other things and to be honest, I haven’t had the desire to run a lot of long runs. My long runs were pretty decent and consistent the past six weeks thanks to my friend Robin , seen in the race photo and also running this weekend . She has been coming back from a knee injury . We’ve had some fun runs together. I wish her the best! We are both signed up for the 24 hour. Our training is done, let’s see how it goes!

My husband will also be at Jackalope attempting his longest distance ever. He has 12 hours and hopes to get 27 miles , his first marathon. His training is only about up to a half marathon,but he’s a good walker and he has the time, and I believe he can do it! His longest time on feet ever is a 5 hour 25k mountain race in 2018. This race is totally flat, 1.5 mile loops, actually out and backs on a gravel and dirt road. We will be able to access our own aid station every loop, or the main race aid station provided by Trail Racing over Texas. We plan to bring a canopy and put walls on it to make our own cozy tent with cots for rest breaks and a cooler of our own food and drinks. We might even need a heater to warm up because it’s gonna get pretty cold after sunset.  My race goes on from Saturday 9 AM Central Time to Sunday 9 AM. These races are a test of mental strength as much as physical. I’m sure I will want to quit and go to sleep. Hopefully with enough caffeine I will be able to keep marching along. The wacky things we do for fun!

The race includes 72, 48, 24, 12, and 6 hour options. The really crazy runners are starting the 72 hour race this morning and it’s cold and raining. Yuck! But they are a group of tough beast runners and nothing will stop them! You can follow all the action on the link below. Be sure to click on the appropriate distance to see the different races. Also, the Trail Racing over Texas race director Robert Goyen warns that on Saturday the results will lag behind because of the sheer number of runners, so hang in there for them to update. Keep us all in your prayers, please. Thanks!


  1. No, lol! You can do it! If you have Amazon prime, search the videos for ‘run’ and there are some great and inspiring movies on there of people doing their first races. Run for your Life is hilarious as well.

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