You’re not God

Always look for the good in people,

But if you can’t find it,

Wish them well and walk away,

But watch your back as you go .

Not everyone is honest, kind, or even safe.

Not all people have good intentions.

Some people are actually bad people.

Evil, sick, crazy , call it what you want,

You’ll end up the victim .

Don’t destroy your own life trying to help people who don’t want help.

Not everyone thinks they need to change.

Leave them in their happy misery .

You’re not a superhero.

You’re not God.

You can’t fix them.



  1. I have a mental list of people I pray for daily that I would love to see come to know the Lord. I always start those prayers the same way: “Lord, I couldn’t save myself, and I certainly can’t save anyone else. But YOU can, so please … “

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