Early Morning Runs with a Friend are the Best!

We were blessed with my favorite kind of weather today and I was able to spend a few hours of it running with a friend. We are both coming back from some low mileage months and we were quite happy to achieve a 16 miler in under 3 hours . Good weather really helps! We ran on a paved path through trees along a creek because the trails were a bit too wet after a couple of rainy days mid-week. Texas is already having Spring-like rains and blustery wind mixed with 30s and , last week, upper 70s! Can’t change it so you just run through it!

I felt so much better after today’s run compared to last Friday’s 14 mike slower run. I got very dehydrated that day from the high humidity. Today I was sure to take some electrolytes since I am prone to that, even in low humidity. But I only needed two gels for the whole run which is quite amazing for me. I felt good and we kept a pretty consistent pace with only two short walk breaks . Our next race is February 20, Jackalope Jam, which I ran last year . This year I’m signed up for the 24 hour instead of 12. My training isn’t great but I’ll get as many miles as I can in that time . I’m thankful for good friends and running and good weather! Isn’t that beautiful?! The temperature was low 40s at the start. Happy weekend!


  1. Girl! Oh goodness 24 hours!! You will do so well! What a great time of year to tackle that race. I bet you will get in 100+ miles 🙂 🙂 EXCITING! Can’t wait to read your recap! Good luck!

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