Fast or slow

We like to go!

Strollers to trikes

Trikes to bikes.

The world awaits.

Open the gates!

The great invention,

The wonderful wheel,

Mans need for motion

It did fulfill.

No destination needed

To move is the goal .

No cautions heeded,

We’re on a roll.

Early models felt so fast

But those slow speeds are in the past .

Now man can travel wide and far

In a modern motor car.

Choose your favorite, suit your style

You’ll look good each passing mile.

Some want mileage , some want flash.

Either way you’ll need some cash.

In the end , it’s all about freedom.

Wheels and power, you can’t beat em!

Two wheels or four, or even three,

Gas it up and you’ll be free.

See the city, town or farm,

Enjoy the sights , enjoy the charm.

And after you’ve had some time to roam

Remember that there’s no place like home!

*All photos taken by me and not to be used without permission.

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