Are you ready for 2020 Politics?

I know many of you do not like discussing or reading about politics. So you miss out on some fun stuff!  I present the following with great hope and expectations.

If you get all your political news from mainstream media or Facebook or Twitter, you may not know about the rising number of people leaving the Democrat Party and speaking out against Democrat policies. Some are all in for Trump . Some are more Libertarian than Republican. I’m not telling you what to think. Just sharing information that you might find challenging, encouraging, or interesting.

Here are a few Youtubers  I follow . Be sure to read the comments on the videos for more enlightenment. 

The Officer Tatum , a Christian who sometimes includes prayers and preaching in his videos. 

Kevin’s Corner, a very witty and intelligent guy who always makes me laugh. 

The Walkaway Campaign channel features people of all races who have left the Democrat party. People share videotapes of themselves explaining their reasons for leaving.


You can also find many articles on the subject of  minorities leaving the Democrat party if you search carefully. You may need to skip the top results that often send you to websites presenting the opposite of what you were searching for.

A recently released Pew Research Survey reveals that Black Democrat voters are closer to the beliefs of White Republicans than White Democrats in questions related to morals and religious beliefs.

These differences are reflected in sharp divides between black and white Democrats and Democratic leaners in opinions related to faith and religion. White Democrats are nearly twice as likely as black Democrats to say that it is not necessary to believe in God in order for a person to be moral (89% vs. 44%).

On this measure, the views of black Democrats are similar to those of Republicans. Among all Republicans and Republican leaners, 53% say belief in God is not necessary for morality, while 46% say it is necessary.

Trump has Hispanic supporters even in border states like Texas.

Some even say that Hispanics will help Trump win.

In case you’re busy or don’t want to watch the videos, the most common topics are that the Democrat policies are a trap to keep minorities in poverty, shackle all Americans to high taxes and inefficient bureaucracies, and a threat to freedom of all types.

Gay voters as well are beginning to confess that they are conservative. Yes, I know that there is sometimes a difference between Republican and Conservative, but I’m not getting into the details.

Black conservatives in the media

There tends to generally be a negative perception of Black conservatives in the media. Within the Black community they are sometimes even regarded as racial traitors.[38] Justice Clarence Thomas once said that, “to be Black, one had to espouse leftist ideas and Democratic politics. Any Black who deviated from the ideological litany of requisites was an oddity and was to be cut from the herd and attacked.”[39] Film director Spike Lee once called the Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a “handkerchief head, a chicken, and a biscuit-eating Uncle Tom” for his conservative views.[40]

I know this post might incite some anger for some, but I trust that most of my followers are thoughtful, intelligent and want to know both sides of the issues. I know I prefer to have all the facts before making decisions, especially before voting for a President. Not that this provides all the information one needs, but it might start someone down the path to being a more informed voter.

Political positions of the Republican Party currently include 

Contemporarily, the party’s economic conservatism involves support for lower taxes, free market capitalismderegulation of corporations, and restrictions on labor unions. The party is also socially conservative, and supports restrictions on immigrationgun rights, constraints on LGBT rightsrestrictions on abortion, and other traditional values, usually with a Christian foundation.[12] In foreign policy, Republicans favor increased military spending and unilateral action. Other Republican beliefs include opposition to environmental protection law, opposition to drug legalization, and support for school choice.

Political positions of the Democrat party include the following:

The platform of the Democratic Party of the United States is generally based on American liberalism and American progressivism, in contrast to the conservatism of the Republican Party. The party incorporates centrists,[1][2][3][4] liberals, and progressives,[5][6] as well as more left-wing or socialist movements.[7][a]

Policies of past Democratic platforms have sought to protect social programslabor unions, consumer protection and workplace safety regulationequal opportunity,disability rights and racial equality,[8] and regulation against pollution of the environment.[9][10][11] Democrats support abortion rights and the LGBTQ+ community, and tend to support an easier pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Democrats tend to agree with the scientific consensus on climate change, and support clean energy and cap-and-trade policies. In foreign policy, Democrats typically favor a multilateral approach.



  1. Is that the same party that banned tobacco for military members under 21? Is that the same party that continues to push for red flag laws and more gun control? Just like how the Catholic Church and others began to follow, allowing homosexuality and female preachers. When all that matters is numbers and no principle and no standards, the left and the right are exactly the same.

      • In my opinion, for me, principals and standards. I probably won’t vote since all of the candidates and the incumbent seem to zealous to continue the onslaught of those who came before them.

        I’m not going to fault anyone for voting either left or right, but I cannot live with knowing I voted for a person who will continue to limit me.

        Esau traded his birthright for a bowl of soup. He was tired, as he had just finished a battle, but nonetheless, he allowed his hunger to dictate his path from that point forward.

        I trust the God will do what is right.

        Maybe I’m wrong, but the more I look, the more the two parties, regardless of the individual,
        seem the exact same.

        The more we convince ourselves that we must vote, for fear of what the other may bring about, the more latitude we grant those whom we empower to execute without our consent.

  2. I’m enjoying working my way through the Pew Research findings! While the values polled (attitudes toward homosexual marriage, need for belief in God to be a moral person, or whether society is better off when young people value marriage and family over their work life) can be broken down by race, education, and partisanship, I’m most concerned with seeing the influence of faith and religion because I believe it is from our faith/religion that we gain our values, not from our race or educational level or political affiliation. In all areas polled, the strongest core values were expressed by those with strong Christian faith, the weakest core values were expressed by those without religious affiliation. Also striking was the strong correlation between the values expressed by white evangelical Christians and black Protestants, even though many black Protestants still vote alongside whites without strong religious values. This finding could signal a breaking away from the Democrat Party by black Protestants who naturally would find allies among white evangelical Protestants. We definitely are moving into two starkly divergent ideological camps. As Jesus proclaimed, son turns against father; daughter against mother. The divisions are deep even within biological families.

    • Thank you for the comments. I agree that our country is dividing up along value lines instead of party lines . Our government must not try to please people. They must do what is right .

    • I didn’t hear of walk away until it had been around for a long time. The mainstream media definitely doesn’t want to spread the word that people are waking up. Thanks for reading!

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